Apps to touch up the body, or how social networks are a poison

Apps to touch up the body, or how social networks are a poison

If you have been aware of what happened on the internet during these weeks, you may have found a great controversy because a famous actress has received harsh criticism for showing her body as it really is . The abusive use of Photoshop or applications to touch up the body is something that has been with us for years, but with the arrival of social networks and online character that we create ourselves -especially in the adolescent generation-, they increase even more the problems related to the personal image .

InWe find works that have studied the canons of beauty, as well as the current situation of the personal image. To give you an idea, 80% of women feel dissatisfied with their body , a figure that proves the disproportionate social pressure on which we depend in our day to day.

Instagram is a poison for the personal image , in which we can observe how the great “influencers” carry the idealization of the human body, with girls with perfect curves, and muscled and molded boys perfectly. The proliferation of applications to touch up the body is great , and today, precisely, we want to talk about them, how they work, and how sad it is to have to use one of them to show us on social networks like we’re not really .

Social networks and the concern for personal image

In Western culture and / or westernized countries, the concern for weight or fear of fattening leads, especially to women, to seek thinness at any price (). As you well know, This is the main cause of eating disorders in women , and the affectation in men is higher than it may seem.

Anorexia does not have a certain cause, since it is not a disease per se , if not a behavioral disorder that leads to performing the maladaptive behavior of drastically reducing food intake.

We can read in the, that, although to a lesser extent, Men show devastating results in terms of the perception of their personal image . In a sample of 115,000 men, the results were the following:

  • Regarding the weight, 39% of heterosexual men and 44% of homosexuals they were unhappy .

  • In terms of muscle tone, 30% of heterosexuals and Four. Five% of homosexuals they were dissatisfied .

  • 37% of gay men and 27% of heterosexuals they diet in the last year.
    The men responded that they saw themselves in the mirror between 1 and 3 times a day.

  • 61% of heterosexuals and 77% of homosexuals they feel that people judge them by their body image .

  • 30% of heterosexuals and 39% of homosexuals accepted that they wanted to hide parts of their bodies when having sex .

The differentiation of the study by sexual preference may be due to the fact that heterosexuals, in general, feel judged by their sexual partners, so it is logical to find differences between the samples.

Although its recent emergence there is hardly any literature on the subject, it is evident that social networks enhance the problems of self-concept . The girls want to have “a normative body” to show off on Instagram, and the boys dream of the famous six pack that all the influencers they have A simple search on Google shows us the direct relationship between a “perfect” body and Instagramers or successful celebrities.

Apps to touch up the body, or how social networks are a poison

Taking advantage the pull , the apps begin to emerge to change our body, face and even body beauty. Specific, we have found an app that has more than 100 million downloads , such an amazing number, which has forced us to try that app and reflect on it. In the description of this app, we find several basic pillars.

Become what you are not for free , basically, this is what this app sells us, among other functions. Mind you, we are not making a criticism of the app, but the situation that millions of people have downloaded this type of service. That said, we’re going to show you how apps work to touch up the body and how ridiculous this practice can be.

Retouching our body with an app

We started retouching an aspect that on Instagram and the world influencer It’s very important, the beard . Many adult men, among whom I include myself, do not have a large beard, and of course, the alpha male of Instagram It must not show that it is beardless. The application allows us to download different types of beard. The truth is that it is very easy to adjust the element on the face, and with just touching some parameters of saturation, color and contrast, you get quite realistic results.

Apps to touch up the body, or how social networks are a poison

The controls of the app are intuitive and easy, in a matter of 2 or 3 minutes we have the result that we want. Every time you download a pack, the application bombards you with ads, this is the only price to pay for make the perfect picture of the person you are not . Any user of social network that does not know us will not notice that it is something false, and if there is any impurity left, a classic VSCO Cam filter fix the problem

Apps to touch up the body, or how social networks are a poison

Let’s go now, to do the same, but with the famous six-pack . It is well known that for a man to look abs, you need a minimum percentage of body fat, and a good dose of daily exercise. The application has several abdominal packs , they are applied as any other element -barbe, make-up …-, and they require something more work to match the tone of the skin. However, in about 5 minutes we have the magical results they promised.

Apps to touch up the body, or how social networks are a poison

The results are surprisingly good, You can change the appearance of your body completely in a matter of minutes , so at the level of operation of the application we have nothing to reproach him, he does his job perfectly. Again, if we add a filter of any other application, the tone of the image is equalized, and any imperfection is resolved.

Apps to touch up the body, or how social networks are a poison

In addition to abdominals, the application allows to increase the pectorals, biceps, back, add tattoos … It only needs to be able to operate your face! This is what I have been able to prove as a man, although for women the app saves a big present , in which he shows how to obtain “a perfect body” with a few touch-ups. By simple touches on the screen, you can eliminate those parts of your body that are totally normal, but that the world 2.0 see wrong, in a few seconds.

Curves based on touches, or how destroy your body to look good on social networks . As we said, the operation of the application is impeccable, but let’s stop and think for a moment what this means , and the danger it can have for both mental health and physical health.

The dangers of wanting to modify the body image

Apps to touch up the body, or how social networks are a poison

It is great and logical to want to modify our body if we do not like to see ourselves better and healthier.that we encourage to experiment, but the shots do not go around here . The conception of that “perfect body”, accompanied by a dreamy life, is a poison for the great part of the population that, on a daily basis, consumes Instagram.

The the depression problems that can cause social networks like Instagram .

Social networks have become a space in which we form and develop relationships, we shape our identity, we express ourselves and we learn about the world that surrounds us; it is intrinsically related to mental health.

The constant perception of lifestyle and take as models people with whom we currently have nothing to do at a physical level, causes a terrible disappointment with oneself, an attack on your own self-concept every time you visit these profiles , that leads to the success of applications like the one we wanted to show you.

With all this, we want to show the health hazards of using these types of applications , which are no more than a sample of how the normalization of canons of beauty almost unattainable for the majority of the normative population, make society constantly seek to become something that is not, that does not belong to it.


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