Applications to record telephone conversations from your mobile


Have you ever felt the need to record a phone call ? Whatever the reason for doing it, the good news is that there are options to get it, so let’s show you some of the available options so you can configure them on your phone if you need it.

Many of the solutions are completely free, although some require some additional payment to unlock extra features, such as the ability to record a greater number of records, have synchronization in the cloud or offer different shortcuts to share the application with other services.

Applications with which you can record calls from your mobile

Applicato Call Recorder

Applications to record telephone conversations from your mobile

This application has many recommendations in the Play Store, and this is due to its proper functioning and the other functions included. We will be able to specify if we want that all the received calls are recorded, only those of certain contacts or all except some selected contacts. The paid version allows you to automatically save calls from certain contacts and store them later in the cloud.

Download Call Recorder

Call recording – ACR

Applications to record telephone conversations from your mobile

This is another of the most downloaded applications, since it has a fairly clean and intuitive interface with which to manage the stored recordings. It is responsible for automatically recording incoming calls, although you should keep in mind that this function will also automatically delete previous calls. Luckily there is a recycling bin where you can recover the deleted files, but it will always be advisable to make backups in the cloud (Pro version) or send the files by email or to other applications.

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Cube ACR Call Recorder

Applications to record telephone conversations from your mobile

This application is characterized by controlling, in addition to the incoming telephone calls, all those voice calls that are made through VoIP applications. That is, if someone calls you through WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram and other similar services, you can also receive the call and prepare a backup copy of the audio immediately.

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CRYOK SIA Call Recorder

Applications to record telephone conversations from your mobile

Another application with which to get an audio file of calls from our phone, but in this case this solution includes protection against curious, because the recordings may be protected with a password. You can establish a white list, define the recording manually with a widget and it is also compatible with phones with dual SIM .

Download CRYOK SIA Call Recorder

Considerations to keep in mind with this type of applications

In many cases the applications do not work correctly depending on the phone they have installed, either due to incompatibilities or due to problems with the operating system version, so if you have installed one of them and the operation is not correct, you should take a look. eye to others of the cited until finding one that fulfills its mission without problems.

Is it legal to record phone calls?

In Spain it is not considered illegal to record telephone calls, but only if we are part of it and the recording is never made public. In the event that a foreign conversation is recorded in which the person recording does not intervene, it will be considered illegal and legal action may be taken against that person.

Is it legal to record a call in Spain without the other knowing it?

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