Apple’s Founding Partner: Ethereum Looks Like Apple’s Early Years

Apple's Founding Partner: Ethereum Looks Like Apple's Early Years
Apple's Founding Partner: Ethereum Looks Like Apple's Early Years

Steve Wozniak, Apple’s founders and intelligence behind Apple’s technology, said that Ethereum is Apple’s new found in the 80s.

Wozniak stated that Ethereum overlaps the opportunities Apple offers for developers to create their own applications. These applications can be used in everyday life and have qualities that can be useful for end users. Wozniak stressed that Apple does not have to do much advertising for Apple, adding that the great things that app developers have created are turning into advertising.

The ICO organizers on the Ethereum platform are advertising their own products. Ethereum awareness is also increasing on this count. Wozniak attended a conference where he spoke:

Help open source, documentation and tools for development of programs in your hand. That’s how we started Apple, it’s just a platform at Apple’s time. The platform offered great opportunities for thousands of companies. Even some high school students set up their own businesses and set up businesses by adding ads to the applications they developed. Everyone started making our ad, we did not need to make an ad. It’s Apple, not the iPhone, but the App Store. Thousands of apps were developed for the App Store, and all the ideas came together to make the platform.

Wozniak, on the other hand, noted that he did not invest in BTC or ETH. He added that he bought 1 BTC and 2 ETHs to try and pay for some payments, and that he did not buy and sell the market every day.

The Apple official said people need to create new things. He argued that it was important for developers and engineers to focus on themselves constantly and to be always ready for change.

Source: ethereumworldnews

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