Apple’s Augmented Reality Headset is introduced sooner than what you think

Apple's Augmented Reality Headset

Cochair (maker of frames and chassis of iPhones and iPads) has claimed that the Apple Glasses Augmented Reality Headset will probably be introduced next year.

Cacher is the name of the company that manufactures metal frames and chassis for Apple iPhones and iPads. The company’s CEO, Allen Horng, recently claimed that next year, the company will be responsible for building the chassis of a new Apple product. Some analysts believe that this statement suggests that Cochrane has taken over part of Apple’s augmented reality headset. The device, according to some analysts, will be larger than the iPhone.

Many analysts expect the iPad’s Augmented Reality Headset ( Apple Glasses ) to be introduced in 2020. Even Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, also said a couple of months ago that the technology in Cupertino has not yet matched enough to deliver a product in the near future. However, CEO Cocker pointed out that in the first quarter of 2018, which has traditionally been a low-profile era for Apple, Apple’s focus is on the production of this new device.

Apple's Augmented Reality Headset is introduced sooner than what you think

Quanta, a company that has the task of assembling some parts for Apple , has recently received licenses for the production of optical augmented reality cameras that use parts from the Israeli company Lumus. Last month, Quanta, maker of Apple’s Mac and Apple Macs, said the Augmented Reality Headset, which will be available at the company’s factories, will not be ready to enter the market before 2019. While Quantum does not specifically talk about an Apple product, but at least we know it’s an augmented reality headset with the T2888 model and uses a new operating system called rOS or the Real Estate Operation System.

So it looks like Apple is likely to unveil its AR headset between 2018 and 2019.

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