Apple wireless charging causes the iPhone battery to last less


The wireless charging it was one of the novelties that were presented during the Apple keynote last year where they saw for the first time both the iPhone X , he iPhone 8 , as he iPhone 8 Plus . The 3 mobile phones of the company are the only phones of the Cupertino catalog that present this way of recharging the iPhone battery .

Of course, no one doubts that we can load the iPhone battery Without cables it is a great advantage, but after carrying out numerous tests on the system, several users have discovered that the battery life of the mobile phone, charged by this system, is much less than conventional cable charging.

Percentages and loading times of the iPhone with wireless charging and fast charging

As we can read in ZDNet , after the tests carried out on a iPhone Loaded wirelessly, and with cables, the battery runs out much faster with the wireless method, compared to the second option. This battery wear also means that its life is reduced alarmingly. And precisely the issue of iPhone battery It’s not something that the Cupertino people have been doing very well lately.

Wireless charging vs charging with cable

According to Apple, the iPhone battery It is capable of retaining 80 percent of its original capacity with 500 full charge cycles. These 500 load cycles represent around a year and a half, so even after 18 months we should not notice a decrease in the life of the iPhone battery .

Apple wireless charging causes the iPhone battery to last less

After 6 months, the researcher of the aforementioned medium, after reaching 135 charge cycles, discovered that since using the wireless charge the original capacity of the cell phone battery has been considerably weighed. When moving from cable charging to a wireless charger, the battery does not consider the change as such and causes more battery recharge cycles to be generated, decreasing its performance at an even faster rate.

At this point it is up to the user who has to choose if it is better to load it iPhone battery with cable , or through a system of wireless charging a change to “sacrifice” part of the component.

And in Android?

In Android something similar happens, because there are several users who claim that by charging their mobile wireless the battery lasts less and less time without the need for another recharge.

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