Apple launches the second Beta of iOS 12: what are the news?


He WWDC 2018 it was the culminating moment of Manzana to give the starting signal to iOS 12 . Official presentation of all iOS 12 news , but also of the liberation of first version of tests . Now, two weeks later, Apple puts developers within reach of the Egunda Beta of iOS 12 . Below, we detail what are the news and changes.

In the same way that Google does, the signature of the bitten apple optimizes each new version of iOS within the software program in tests. A development that allows users to test the news of each update before the final version is released. In return, those of Cupertino have a greater capacity to detect and correct errors, as well as to introduce improvements as the final compilation of the firmware progresses.

New version of iOS 12 tests available

Such is the case of iOS 12, the next big update for compatible iPhones and iPads. It is expected that the official version will be put into operation in a few months, possibly coinciding with the date of presentation of the new iPhones of 2018, the iPhone X Plus, iPhone X second generation and iPhone 9.

Instead, until that happens, we have a long way of Beta versions of iOS 12 to reach the more mature version, the Golden Master, the preliminary firmware that will be released by OTA in September.

Precisely today Apple offers developers access to the second Beta of iOS 12 through OTA update. An iOS 12 Beta 2 version that arrives two weeks after the presentation and launch of iOS 12 Beta 1.

As for the public version, which grants access to all users of iPhone and iPad to the Beta version of iOS 12, it is expected that its release occurs later this month, possibly coinciding with the launch of iOS 12 Beta 3

News of the second beta of iOS 12

And what changes does this second Beta of iOS 12 Regarding the first version of tests? According to the information available shortly after his release, for now there is no great news about it. Apple seems to have focused on correcting errors to continue with the optimization work of the system.

While it may seem insubstantial, this step will be very important given that the first Betas are usually the ones that include the most errors at the beginning of their development and compilation.

However, it is expected that when the first developers -and users who install the Beta unofficially- are detected changes and new features of this Beta of iOS 12. A job that requires time and dedication, so the MovilZona team will be aware of those developments that are coming to light to put them in knowledge.

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