Apple iPhone 5 will be among the objects of the Oscar

The iPhone 5S, in addition to the impact on the world of smartphones, also influenced the world of cinema, and is scheduled to feature at the Oscars Museum.

The Academy of Arts and Sciences (Oscar) is building a museum and one IPhone 5s Apple will be among the objects associated with movies. This smartphone does not show up due to acting skills in this museum! In fact, directed by Shane Baker A few years ago, he used the rear camera to shoot Tangerine. This was a big fuss at the Sundance Festival, and the film sold seven times the production cost.

IPhone 5s Apple Along with the memoirs of some of the most famous films ever made, they will be like a magician and alien. With a total area of ​​27870 square meters, the building has as much space as possible to allow visitors to view a large number of objects that remain after use in films.

The video academy released the announcement to Baker to announce the iPhone 5 used for filming Tangerine. Baker used Filmic Pro for editing the film, which cost only $ 8. The video below shows Baker, who describes the equipment used in the film and goes to the place where one of the most important scenes in the film happened.

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