Apple considered eliminating the Lightning connector of the iPhone X


As unlikely as it may seem, Manzana he thought for a moment suppress the Lightning connector from his iPhone X . It was an idea that arose during the development of the smartphone, but it soon had to be abandoned due to the great number of inconveniences that would be caused by the deletion of the only physical connection of the firm’s smartphones.

The news about Apple that today floods much of the media is the eternal delay for the commercial launch of the AirPower wireless charging base . Announced next to the new iPhone 8 Y iPhone X , initially it was thought to be marketed in June. Now we know that this moment will be postponed to September due to the technical problems that arise from designing a base that loads up to three devices at any point on its surface.

Will Apple abandon the Lightning connector on the iPhone X in 2018 in favor of the USB-C?

iPhone X without Lightning connector

However, the information uncovered by Bloomberg It also brings with it what at this point we can consider a curiosity, or maybe a way that allows us to see the concerns of Manzana Looking to the future

We refer to the intention of the technological remove the Lightning connector of the iPhone X . In the same way that they already did with the mini jack connector on iPhone 7 , Apple thought at some point that it was a good idea to eliminate the only physical port available on the iPhone with OLED screen. Apple considered eliminating the Lightning connector of the iPhone X

Many inconveniences along the way

However, the disadvantages that had to be overcome were too many. In fact, the technology of wireless charging it is still an obstacle since the loading speed is clearly lower than that offered by cable.

Also, the reaction of users is another point to consider. And it is that the suppression of the Lightning connector of the iPhone X would have meant losing the way to synchronize your smartphone with your PC using iTunes -although it is possible to do it also by WiFi-, lose compatibility with a multitude of accessories, as well as audio output.

The iPhones of 2018 would come with charger and cable compatible with fast charge of series

Apple wants a “wireless” iPhone

However, it’s been known for some time that Apple’s design chief, Jony Ive, has in mind an iPhone without physical connections or buttons . The iPhone of the future. For now, the only available port is the eight-pin proprietary connector, but who knows if the advancement of the technology makes the design and manufacture of a wireless iPhone possible? After all, Apple has already taken important steps in this regard. It already has wireless charge and tries to promote the use of headphones by Bluetooth with the commercialization of its AirPods .

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