Apple confirms that iPhone apps can spy on you


That hundreds of Android apps, even system apps installed by Chinese manufacturers can spy on users is nothing special. However, when talking about iPhone espionage, the Cupertino have never made statements that make clear everything that the Apple terminal knows about us. In the last few hours the company has once again insisted that its phone does not spy on users, but … does the same thing happen with iPhone apps ?

Already last year the newcomer to the . At that time the problem was attributed to a security problem in iOS, but now Apple has just confirmed that iPhone apps can spy on you if you authorize it.

The iPhone does not spy on you, but its apps …

After being asked about it, Apple has confirmed to US lawmakers that their iPhones do not listen to users without their consent. The company, according to the concern that can record everything the user does, says that the iPhone does not record audio while listening to Siri activation commands and the virtual assistant does not share the spoken words. Apple said that to be able to do that, users have to explicitly approve access to the microphone and this is where the game comes in for the espionage of iPhone apps .

Apple confirms that iPhone apps can spy on you

In this case we can say that Apple “washes his hands” because he can not control that Apps developers comply with the rules:

Apple does not control or monitor what the developers do with the customer data they have collected on the iPhone or iPad , nor does it prevent the subsequent transfer of that data, nor do we have the ability to ensure that the developer complies with its own privacy policies or local laws-

In short, Apple comes to say that it can not control third-party applications if the user gives them permission to access the microphone, so it is the user who allows it, if they can put their data in danger, without the iPhone or the operating system put limits to it. Apple notes that it has already removed applications from its App Store for privacy violations, while notifying that it is up to developers to notify users when an application is removed for privacy reasons.

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