Android powered iPhone X is going viral [Price/Pic Leaked]

Copy of another iPhone X came to the market. This clone iPhone X is equipped with a fingerprint sensor, a feature that makes sense in the original model! This phone is called the Leagoo S9 .

In the industry, there is a trick in which companies use or modify some of the innovative and successful ideas of other companies. But some companies completely copy that idea instead of bench-marking! That is, if the idea is a touchable product, they create it in the same way, so that it can not be identified with the prototype. This new copy of the Apple iPhone 10 is also designed in the same way.

Android powered iPhone X is going viral [Price/Pic Leaked]

The Leagoo S9 is an Android-powered iPhone 10, and unlike the original model, it has a fingerprint sensor. The very interesting thing about the design of this Android-powered iPhone is the adherence to Apple’s flagship front panel design, so that the cutaway remains high on the display.

As you may have guessed, Leagoo is a Chinese company and its new product will be sold exclusively in the same country. The Leagoo S9 has an interesting story. The company originally decided to build it like the 2017 flagship of Samsung. But the design of the curved display was very expensive. That’s why the iPhone 10, one of the most controversial flagships of the year, went down.

Android powered iPhone X is going viral [Price/Pic Leaked]

Unfortunately, there is no information available about the technical specifications of this iPhone X copy, so it’s not possible to comment on the presence of different sensors on the top of the screen. On the other hand, we suspect the dual rear camera is equipped with a second telephoto sensor. The size of the Leagoo S9 is similar to the model’s 5.8-inch model, with a 19.5:9 aspect ratio , but we doubt the accuracy of these figures.

The fingerprint sensor of this clone iPhone 10 is located on the back panel and where the logo of the iPad is carved in the original model. Today, all smartphones are even the cheapest models capable of doing anything, and this Android iPhone is no exception. In this case, are you willing to buy the Leagoo S9 for $300?

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