Android P Beta 2 is now available for the Nokia 7 Plus


Google is getting with Android P what we had never seen with any of the previous versions of its operating system: that many devices are compatible with their development versions. Today we know that it is already available Android P Beta 2 for the Nokia 7 Plus , a device that has not been alien to the controversy because of the problems that the users who tried the first beta of Android P .

While until recently only Google official devices, the Google Nexus and then the Pixel, were the first to enjoy the first versions of Android, now we have several manufacturers giving support to Android P from its first steps, and Nokia has proposed become a reference in terms of updates and support for developers.

Android P Beta 2 for the Nokia 7 Plus: how to install it

If we want to try the Beta 2 of Android P in our Nokia 7 Plus, there are two ways to get it. If we have previously installed beta 1 of Android P, we have it very easy, because this update will come via OTA and we will only have to install it from our device when it appears available to us.

Android P Beta 2 is now available for the Nokia 7 Plus

If instead we have Android Oreo installed on our Nokia 7 Plus and we want to test beta 2, we will have to go to the Nokia developer portal and download (previous registry) the corresponding files. After that, we must follow the following steps:

  • 1. Restart the Nokia 7 Plus in recovery mode
  • 2. Do a factory reset (it is recommended to backup the data that we want to keep)
  • 3. Load the files of the ROM with ADB.

As we always tell you that we are talking about some of the Android P betas, we must bear in mind that we are not dealing with a clean and completely stable operating system, so it is not recommended install Android P Beta 2 for the Nokia 7 Plus on a device that is our main smartphone, since it contains some bugs that make it incompatible with normal daily use.

Android P Beta 2 is now available for the Nokia 7 Plus

As reported so far, the data connection does not always work with all types of SIM and saved files in the microSD may have accessibility problems, although there may be other problems that have not yet been discovered.

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We must remember that although testing betas is now much easier thanks to Project Treble , the goal of these betas is to allow developers test and debug your applications with the new operating system before it is officially launched on the market, so that the application park will be as adapted as possible to the latest version of Android when it reaches its final stable form.

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