Android Experiments: a review of the most crazy and curious experiments you can try

Android Experiments: a review of the most crazy and curious experiments you can try

A few years ago, the team after the development of Android has awhere they are often published experiments created by taking advantage of some of the functions of the system , which otherwise might go unnoticed by users. His name is Android Experiments, and today we want to select some of the best you can try.

These Android Experiments are, as their name indicates, Experimental projects that make use of operating system capabilities , to offer curious experiences or useful tools to Android users,, aor the possibility of creating an intelligent mirror.

The best Android Experiments that you can try (and some that probably do not)

KaleaX, the game of invisible puzzles

It was one of the last to arrive, and in turn has been one of the most popular. KaleaX is an Android Experiment in the form of a puzzle game , which consists of deciphering the different objects that are proposed in each level, through balls of paint of different colors that we will shoot through pulsations on the screen.

Once the object has already been covered with paint and the user has discovered what it is about thanks to its forms, it will have to write the name of the object . Be careful, however, given that the amount of paintballs is limited, and there is a timer at each of the levels.

Google Play | KaleaX

Form ‘N’ Fun, the world is your labyrinth

Without leaving the section gaming of the Android Experiments, weThis game is based on real-time computer vision through the JBox2D and OpenCV systems, and allows the user draw a labyrinth on a flat surface – a paper, a blackboard, the wall … – so that the game creates a graphic section and finally the user completes it through movements thanks to the mobile accelerometer.

Although the game is not on Google Play, the creators offer us the possibility to access the, Y Download the app manually, available inside the “APK” folder . Those with the necessary knowledge, also download the experiment and modify it at will. Https://

Between Us, the distance between two mobiles measured in mountains

What if you could measure the distance between your mobile and your partner’s using buses as a unit of measure? Maybe you’ve never proposed it, but it’s precisely what you get Between Us, another Android project able to calculate the distance between two interconnected devices.

To do this, the application makes use of the NFC connection of the two devices, and once the application is installed, the home screen widget will show the distance between the two in real time, with units of measurement such as baseballs, pencils, buses, mountains, whales or planets . Everything, in addition, without scarcely consuming system resources given that a system of efficient background GPS updates is used.

Google Play | Between US

Vinyl Cast, who said that vinyl records had gone out of style?

If you have a Chromecast and a vinyl record player, this experiment interests you. As its name suggests,which enables play the audio of a vinyl player wirelessly through a television or audio player with

As if that were not enough, in addition, the application — will be able to identify the song that is playing, and it will show your name and the artist in the form of a system notification.

ShortStories, ‘play’ with the Android interface

What if the Android interface was a game?what transforms some of the System UI elements of the system into interactive story scenarios , and depending on the decision made by the user, a completely different scenario will be generated.

For example, one of the stories may start in the app shortcuts on the home screen, and end in the form of a notification. All users with Android 7.1 and up, and with a launcher such as Pixel Launcher, Nova, Google Now Launcher or Action you can try it

Google Play | ShortStories

Lens Launcher, all your apps on a single start screen

According to its creators, Lens Launcher is one of the most efficient ways to navigate and launch applications . This launcher, which has earned its place among the rarest of Android, brings all applications to our home screen in the form of small icons, which the user can increase in size and launch while scrolling through the panel.

Although it is possible to configure some of the parameters of the launcher, The main attraction of Lens is its simplicity and simplicity , because each and every one of the icons have the same size and the same distance between them, regardless of the size of the phone’s screen

Google Play | Lens Launcher

Marclay, use your TV even when you do not use it

Your Android TV can be used for much more than you imagine … especially when you do not use it.that brings to TV Android TV a carousel of fantastic high-resolution background videos, in addition to show information such as time or time of day, as well as notifications from the phone associated with the TV.

The code of this Android Experiment isso that, anyone who wants and has the necessary knowledge, can access it and download it or make the changes it deems appropriate.

Smart Mirror, the smart mirror ‘powered by Android’

Android Experiments: a review of the most crazy and curious experiments you can try

And we finalize this compilation of Android experiments with one that, in case you want to carry it out, will probably cost you some time and money. As its name suggests, Smart Mirror is a smart mirror project equipped with Android and capable of displaying information such as time, time, calendar events, the results on the stock market of the companies that we follow, and much more.

While The software of the project is provided publicly by its creators , I’m afraid that everyone will have to worry about create the mirror through the hardware suggested in the


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