Analysis of the iPhone XR: in-depth test, features and opinion


Apple introduced three new phones in September, but released only two. And a month later the iPhone XR has arrived that completes its catalog and raises an inferior option to the XS and the XS Max . However, its size is an intermediate point; 6.1 inches compared to the 5.8 and 6.5 offered by the other two. And in the price, it’s probably where the key is: 859 Euros starting with 64 GB of internal storage, do you deserve it? We already have our analysis of the iPhone XR.

888,00 EUR EUR 888.00 EUR

No The iPhone XR is a more attractive terminal, for its greater chromatic range; In addition, it offers more screen than an iPhone XS for its diagonal, but comes with many shortcomings under the arm, and most inadmissible for a price of 859 euros . The iPhone XR can boast Apple A12 Bionic chipset, which provides top-level performance with excellent energy efficiency, and can also boast of Face ID as impeccable facial recognition technology. But from there, we can practically stop counting the benefits of this smartphone.

Analysis of the iPhone XR: in-depth test, features and opinion

Analysis of the iPhone XR and opinion: more color, but many shortcomings … and still 859 euros

The iPhone XR screen is the biggest argument for saying ‘no’   to this purchase. With a low resolution , a poor brightness, and a deficient behavior in any area, as well as lack of support for HDR10 and Dolby Vision as their catalog brothers do. This IPS LCD panel is not up to the equipment with which it competes for its price, and we still have the iPhone X for 900 euros on Amazon, which is a much more reasonable purchase.

Analysis of the iPhone XR: in-depth test, features and opinion

And it’s not just a matter of image quality . The iPhone XR is an ‘all screen’ , but with a front worse used than the XS and XS Max, and is something perfectly noticeable in the thick black frames that make up the outline of the display; Besides, we do not have 3D Touch either. Likewise, Apple has been left by the way the double camera or the aluminum chassis. His only strength, and the only thing that could make us look at him and not an iPhone X last year, is the Apple A12 Bionic.

iPhone XR, full scan

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