Amazon Prime Day: 4 essential tips

Amazon Prime Day: 4 essential tips

Today begins the Amazon Prime Day, that day – really almost two – and n the one that Amazon carries out a series of discounts and incredible discounts in many of the products that offer, without a doubt, the ideal moment to buy in Amazon.

And we, on our part, are going to give you four essential tips for you to face the Amazon Prime Day in the most intelligent way possible, and get the best deals on the things you want to buy, let’s see them!

The 4 essential tips for the Amazon Prime Day

Today we are going to teach you four essential tips to take advantage of your money during the Amazon Prime Day, and not to miss an offer, since, in this type of events, we often get carried away by the sales, and we are not 100% objective, or we are not prepared at all and we are late to them.

Amazon Prime Day: 4 essential tips

Become a Prime user for free as soon as possible

As you know, the Amazon Prime Day is an incredible day at the Amazon discount level, but only for users of the Prime mode, which, for 20 euros a year, offers us a multitude of free and one-day deliveries, in addition to services such as Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Prime Music or Amazon Prime Reading.

We have already taught youwhich is free during the first month – you can use the subscription for the Prime Day and then unsubscribe without paying a euro – and this is the first step you must take if you really want to take advantage of the Prime Day.

Become a Prime user for free

Amazon Prime Day: 4 essential tips

Be clear about what you are looking for

One of the things that many people lose when buying is impulsivity, and if you are not clear about what you need or want to buy, It is very possible that you end up buying things that maybe you do not need.

Thus, Another of the tips for the Amazon Prime Day that we want to give you is to make a list of what you want to buy. In this way, you will focus on finding specific products, and will not go tumbling between offers.

Amazon Prime Day: 4 essential tips

Check that the prices have actually dropped

Sometimes – unfortunately – we find that a supposed reduction of, say, 200 euros, has turned out to be a reduction of 20 euros, and this makes us think that we are taking advantage of a bargain, When really what happens is that the seller in question is taking advantage of us.

In this case, our advice for the Amazon Prime Day is that, When you have doubts, make sure that the offer you are about to take advantage of is real. And that you can get itas CamelCamel.

Amazon Prime Day: 4 essential tips

Follow the offers that interest you

In case you do not know, Amazon has a list of “advance offers” in which we can see which products are going to be reduced during the Prime Day, although we can not see what price these products are going to have exactly.

However, this allows us to select a series of products that interest us, and follow their price evolution, so that when they go on sale, we will be able to buy them, and we will have them all grouped together.

Amazon Prime offers


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