Amazon Prime Day 2018: when is it and how to find out about all the mobile phones on offer


The month of July is approaching and aside from being the month in which many begin their longed for vacations, it is also one of the most interesting months of the year for those buyers eager to find a bargain. And it’s that during the last 4 years Amazon has been celebrating its “Prime Day” , a day in which those people subscribed to Amazon Prime, can get very attractive offers in a multitude of products. Although we still can not confirm it 100%, we already know the most possible date of the Amazon Prime Day 2018 and we give you some tips to make the most of this day.

According to a filtered banner, by mistake? On Amazon’s own website, it is very possible that the Amazon Prime Day 2018 will take place next July 15 . If everything follows the trend of last year, the 18 hours would be the starting point, with all kinds of offers (mobile included) available until 00.00 hours on July 16, so we would have 30 hours to buy a smartphone at a discounted price.

Make the most of the Amazon Prime Day 2018

For neophytes in the matter, we remind you that the main objective of this promotion is to get new subscribers to Amazon Prime, an Amazon service that for a cost of 19.95 euros per year, offers free shipping in a day in many products, book products that are not yet available and enjoy its streaming platform Amazon Prime Video.

Amazon Prime Day 2018: when is it and how to find out about all the mobile phones on offer

So, if you are not yet subscribed to Amazon Prime, this is the first step that you must give before you can enjoy all the offers of the Amazon Prime Day 208.

Another interesting thing you can do to get a good price is to take a look at the web camecamelcamel , intended solely and exclusively to track the prices of products sold on Amazon.

Registering is very easy and thanks to it, we can get an idea of ​​how attractive is one of the discounts we find and receive alerts of price reductions, even having an extension for our browser. It also allows searching by product and if we are registered we can follow the price evolution of a wish list or several products centrally.

Another thing that you can do is go through the Amazon Prime day section that is always enabled for that purpose, since in it you can find in a very easy way the most interesting and popular products that are sold at a discount.

What mobile phones can we find on offer?

Well, it is still early to know, but we can assure you that we will be among the first to have this information and that if you are pending of our web We will tell you that smartphones will receive the best discounts from Amazon.

This year we are very excited because it is the first Amazon Prime Day where we can see Xiaomi smartphones on sale after the brand disappeared from the store. So, we may see the Xiaomi Mi A1 At the price of demolition, we can get a Xiaomi MY MIX 2S with a big discount or that it’s time to buy the Mi6 or Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 , one of the smartphones that work best in Amazon.

Amazon Prime Day 2018: when is it and how to find out about all the mobile phones on offer

Last year we also saw very interesting offers for the BQ Aquaris X and for the Moto G5 (today on offer), so it is expected that this year is also a good time to get one of the new BQ Aquaris X2 or with the Moto G6 in its different versions.

Seeing that Amazon has also done great discounts this year for Galaxy S8 Y Note 8 , we can not stop reviewing the prices of the most advanced smartphones of the Korean giant, since it may be time to get a Galaxy S9 at a price of demolition or to find a Galaxy S8 very reduced.

As we have more details we will expand the information. Stay tuned, because surely there are few discounted phones that we can find in the Amazon Prime Day 2018.

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