Alto’s Odyssey for Android: the registration phase opens on Google Play


Alto’s Odyssey is the sequel to the popular game Alto’s Adventure that received such good reviews at the time, a title that since last February 22 has been available for the iOS platform, but to which Android users have had to wait in one of many cases in which the users of the bitten apple have preference. Fortunately, Alto’s Odyssey for Android it’s coming, and it’s not that we can download it, but at least the pre-registration phase has been started.

It is still paradoxical that a game is launched later on a platform that brings together 80% of smart phone users, but if we take into account that the iOS this game has a cost of 4.99 dollars while in Android it will be free, because the shots can go there, since we suppose it is better to give preference and optimize a title for users willing to pay for it.

Alto’s Odyssey for Android: there is less to enjoy this award-winning game

It has been the official Twitter account the one that has informed us that the registration period for this game has already opened, which we already talked about when analyzing what had been the best games for iOS of this 2018 according to their official awards.

In Alto’s Odyssey We will take the role of Alto, a kind of sandboard expert who will travel through the desert sliding on his board at full speed while avoiding all obstacles. The game allows us to also unblock Alto’s friends, a total of 6 characters each with their own special abilities and movements.

Alto's Odyssey for Android: the registration phase opens on Google Play

This title takes the form of Infinite “runner” where we will cross deserts, temple cities and mountains, and where we can even use hot air balloons to continue our journey.

Beyond the game dynamics, that in principle is not especially novel or varied, Alto’s Odyssey stands out for its simple, minimalist and fluid graphics that catch the player from the first moment, something to which a great contribution handmade soundtrack of great quality that is designed to inspire tranquility and that becomes one of the great protagonists of the game.

Alto's Odyssey for Android: the registration phase opens on Google Play

Although the graphics are not especially complicated or full of details, this title does not waive some effects as dynamic lights, variable weather, shooting stars and even swirls of wind and water, something that undoubtedly helps the game does not become particularly monotonous and a pleasant feeling of variability.

Alto's Odyssey for Android: the registration phase opens on Google Play

To pre-register at Alto’s Odyssey, we will only have to address your Google Play page and click on the corresponding button, we will not have to enter any data or be redirected to any other page, simpler impossible.

For now, everything points to Alto’s Odyssey for Android being a free title, although it is very possible that it includes microtransacciones and announcements, the normal thing in this type of games.

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