All the new features of SwiftKey 7.0, the next big update of the famous keyboard

All the new features of SwiftKey 7.0, the next big update of the famous keyboard

It’s been more than two years since Microsoft announced the purchase of SwiftKey for a figure close to 250 million dollars. With this purchase, those of Redmond were made with the team behind one of the most famous keyboard applications and used in the mobile panorama , with a number of downloads that, in GOogle Play, exceeds 100 million.

Since then, the app has not received too many updates precisely, and this has led some users to abandon it in search of other keyboard apps. Now, however, Microsoft wants to end this streak through version 7.0 of SwiftKey, loaded with interesting news with which to attract a greater number of users, and keep those who already bet on this keyboard characterized by its excellent accuracy.

SwiftKey 7.0 comes to Android and iOS with new toolbar, more languages ​​and stickers creator

As they point since Phone Arena , although the developer company has not yet officially announced the arrival of this update, can now be downloaded through the Android and iOS application stores . A Twitter user, in addition, would have had access to the promotional video on these lines, which lists the most important news of the new version.

Among the new features, it stands out the toolbar incorporated in the upper row of the keyboard, and that allows access to some of the most important functions of SwiftKey. To activate it, just Click on the “+” icon that appears just above the letters of the keyboard, and several quick access icons will appear, to GIFs, settings, stickers, clipboard, location, and even a calendar , among other tools.

On the other hand, a new creator of stickers has been added directly on the keyboard, which allows users create your own stickers and memes through the images stored in the phone . SwiftKey also does not forget to support new languages, including Alto Sorabo, Ayizo, Aymara, Bariba, Bávaro, Central Bicolano, Ilocano, Kapampangan, Kirundi, Latin, Lombard, Mam, Miskito, Nahuatl, Pangasinan, Tongan, Tulu and Yucatec Maya.

As I was saying, although the company has not announced the update yet, some users have reported receiving it on their devices through Google Play . The rest, meanwhile, could now have a good excuse to try for the first time this famous free keyboard for Android.

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