All mobile games presented in the E3 2018


From the 12th to the 15th of June the Electronic Entertaiment Expo takes place, the most important videogame fair in the world known popularly as E3 and in which titles of all types and themes are presented. Although it is a fair mainly focused on PC games and consoles, in recent years have been making a hole little by little mobile games, that’s why today we make a small compilation with the 3 mobile games presented at E3 2018 .

We must clarify that none of these titles is still available for download and installation, although in two of them and we can pre-register to be aware of their availability as quickly as possible. These are the games presented.

Command & Conquer: Rivals

The mythical saga in which the brotherhood of NOD and the GDI fight to the death for the control of the Tiberium and the planet reaches the Android and iOS smartphones.

All mobile games presented in the E3 2018

The dynamics of the game is nothing different from what we have seen so far beyond its adaptation for a tactile control. In Command & Conquer: Rivals we must build a base, equip it as much as possible and manage an army of ships and soldiers that are responsible for defending it and at the same time destroy the base of the opponent. We have many weapons and ships, personalization is very high and we even have missile silos.

All mobile games presented in the E3 2018

The game does not take the form of a campaign, but has a casual approach to 1-on-1 clashes , and it will be completely gratuitous .

Regarding its availability, Android users can now make a pre-registration from the same Google Play , although iOS users will have to address the game website for that purpose.

The Elder Scrolls Blades

Yesterday we told you in detail about this game, which is a spin off within the popular saga The Elder Scrolls, in which we will take the role of a warrior who has lost everything and who must rebuild his hometown while consummating his revenge against those responsible for the catastrophe.

All mobile games presented in the E3 2018

The Elder Scrolls Blades promises graphics of very good quality (it will be necessary to see what power requirements it has) and a very high playability that is based on 3 game modes called Abyss , Arena and City.

The Elder Scrolls: Blades is not yet available, but we have the possibility to do the pre-registration on Google Play to be notified when it is available for download and installation. For now it does not seem to be compatible with iOS devices.

Gears Pop !: stubborn and pretty adorable soldiers

The result of an agreement between Microsoft and the famous figure maker Funko Pop , Gears Pop !, has been announced, of which we have only been able to see a small trailer.

Not much is known about this title, but we do know that the characters of Gears of War adopt a quite caricaturesque aspect that we assume will come accompanied by a humorous tone rather more relaxed than the one that usually accompanies this saga.

For now we only know that the game will come in 2019 and that possibly is free.

With this we finish our review of the mobile games presented in E3 2018, as you can see, there are not many titles presented, but we are sure that it is a rising trend and that in the future celebrations of this fair will be each more time the titles destined to live in our smartphones, especially now that Microsoft has announced the future creation of a streaming network destined to provide games as a console to devices of various platforms, among which would include mobile phones.

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