All Google Assistant news in I / O 2018

All Google Assistant news in I / O 2018

The most important annual fair for the ecosystem Google it’s already here, thehas started withfocused on artificial intelligence, although Sundar Pichai has been slow to jump into his star service, the intelligent assistant, who also receives important news to keep growing.

The Californian giant wants Google Assistant to be omnipresent in our lives , both in the smartphone and in devices for the smart home, in our car or in any other gadget , and for this ** the experience should be the most human possible**.

All Google Assistant news in I / O 2018

A more human experience, with more human voices …

Perhaps this is why the most important novelty of Google’s intelligent assistant will be the new six voices that will be available soon Thanks to Wavenet, we assume that only in English because nothing has been mentioned to the contrary, among them those of famous people like the popular singer John Legend.

In addition, from Google they wanted to get breast with the compatibility of the assistant, and Available in up to 40 car brands and more than 5,000 devices for the smart home, used by more than 500 million devices in more than 80 countries and in 30 languages. Despite them, it should be remembered that the compatibility with Google Home has not reached Assistant in Spanish and this has not been discussed at the I / O 2018 conference.

All Google Assistant news in I / O 2018

Multiple commands in more natural phrases

Google’s intelligent assistant will finally be able to understand Conversational language in which multiple commands are introduced , so it will be possible to dictate complete sentences like “Hey Google, turn off the lights, turn on the TV and put the most viewed videos on YouTube” .

Google Assistant will be able to hold round-trip conversations thanks to the function Continued Conversation , interacting with us in a more natural way as we would with a human assistant.

Emphasis has been placed on, the other bots available to speak and the games, stories and other functions of the assistant focused on family use. It has been implemented a curious function called Pretty Please , something like a “go, please …” in Spanish, that will allow children to learn to ask to Google Assistant.


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