All BQ phones that will receive Android 9 Pie


Not a week ago since all the and we have already seen how some terminals like the are already receiving the update, although in the form of beta. After Huawei, we now know the BQ mobiles that will receive Android 9 Pie in the coming months.

The company has previously shown its commitment to users when it comes to providing the corresponding Android updates. BQ guarantees, at least, a change of version in all its smartphones regardless of the range to which they belong. However, there are also some elected who may receive a second major update, as is now the case with BQ phones that will receive Android 9 Pie .

Which BQ phones will receive Android 9 Pie?

As less than an hour ago we have known which will be the , now the same thing happens with the Spanish brand. According to the firm, there will be 9 BQ phones that will receive Android 9 Pie, although for the moment they have not provided us with a specific date when these mobile phones will receive the expected update.

All BQ phones that will receive Android 9 Pie

The highlight of the information is that both the X range, as the U2 range as the V family smartphones, launched to the market last year, will receive their second major update with Android 9 Pie , after having been released to the market with Android Nougat, which is great news for the owners of these smartphones.

Although there are no update dates for BQ phones that will receive Android 9 Pie , it is logical to think that the first terminals to receive the software would be the BQ Aquaris X2 and the BQ Aquaris X2 Pro , as they are the current range top the company. Regarding the rest of the terminals, we can not embark on a specific date, so we will continue to listen to the BQ news .

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