AirMirror: the application to control an Android mobile from your iPhone


We all know that Android has a mirror mode that allows us to clone the device’s screen on a compatible television. Apple also has its AirPlay compatible with iOS, macOS and tvOS, but the truth is that compatibility between platforms has always been a utopia that seemed unlikely. Well, the truth is that if there is an app capable of overcoming the barrier between platforms, its name is AirMirror .

AirMirror is the work of Sand Studio , responsible for the AirDroid application, focused on the interoperability between smartphones and desktop computers. Although there are many ways to control a remote smartphone or clone your screen, the truth is that until now could not be done with an iPhone, something that can give a lot of play, because of course, we can also control an iPhone from an Android phone .

These are the characteristics of AirMirror

As advertised both from Google Play and the App Store, the possibilities offered by AirMirrro are varied, since it allows us to use a smartphone as a surveillance camera, or as a command for video games or as a terminal to carry out a remote assistance among others. many things.

Basically, AirMirror allows us to clone the screen of the target smartphone and allows us to control it remotely, something we can do in both directions, from iOS to Android and vice versa.

How to control your PC remotely from Android with Remote Desktop

AirMirror is free and requires, as is logical, that another application is installed on the smartphone that we will control, although we should not install AirMirror on the device we want to operate remotely, but its sister application called AirDroid, which is also free, although has a paid version with added features.

AirMirror: the application to control an Android mobile from your iPhone

One of the advantages of AirMirror is that it is quite easy to configure and does not require any of the devices to be rotated. These are some of its main functions:

  • Remote control of devices (including an Android mobile from an iOS device).
  • Device change handled in real time
  • AirIME: support for wireless keyboards
  • Adjustments to improve operational fluidity
  • Support for volume buttons, blocking and control by sliding gestures.
  • Intefaz Android complete that includes multitasking button, home and back.
  • The iOS version also allows controlling Windows and Mac computers (to enable a webcam for example)

AirMirror: the application to control an Android mobile from your iPhone

The version of AirMirror for Android and the compatible with iOS devices . We think it’s worth taking a look. we wait for your impressions.

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