After Bitcoin, Ethereum enters the enterprise money’s radar

According to CoinDesk, the New York-based ConsenSys company, founded by Ethereum’s founding partner Joseph Lubin, aims to make it easier to launch applications on the Ethereum platform, today announced it has partnered with TrueDigital’s TrueEx, an online interest rate bracket. Partnership, I Ethereum Aims to develop a benchmark price for Ether crypto.

According to the announcement, the two companies are planning to establish a target reference index for Ether as the first step towards creating more crypto trading products for institutional investors.

After Bitcoin, Ethereum enters the enterprise money's radar

This partnership news came after TrueEx announced that it was planning to set up a derivative market for crypto money, and that’s why it’s important. In the new derivative market, Bitcoin contract. The contract is currently pending approval from the US Commodity Futures Commission (CFTC).

TrueEx’e Bitcoin with the official price index reference after a confirmation from the CFTC, as well as the creation of stock market products for Ethereum will probably be on the agenda. This could accelerate the flow of corporate money to Ethereum.

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