Adil Content Platform Meet LiveTree

Adil Content Platform Meet LiveTree
Adil Content Platform Meet LiveTree

Content creators are not treated fairly in some way. The big actors of the market are disabling filmmakers and show creators. Due to the “mainstream content only” policy, which is watched by big players, independent content producers do not meet with quality content. From the new passengers of the market, LiveTree wants to change the film and content industry with a fairer, decentralized and insightful approach to filmmakers.

A content platform that integrates LiveTree ADEPT smart contracts with Blockchain technology infrastructure. The paltform that brings together thousands of users within the ecosystem facilitates the ‘creation – funding – distribution’ processes. All the producers looking for players and film crews should make the right choice from the platform users who need to do it. The intelligent contracts of the Ethereum blockchain make it possible to make platform payments transparently and automatically.

Transaction costs ranging from 5% to 20% in the market are only 2.5% on the ADEPT platform. The way in which content is distributed is also different from the general market. The content of giants like Netflix, Google, and Facebook are predetermined based on their earnings turnover, and their content-setting policy is far from transparent. LiveTree is still annoying with the Pay Per View (PPVOD) model. Another advantage of the platform is that content producers can make their own marketing seamlessly. The projects on the platform are supported by the platform at all stages.

The LiveTree-developed Seed (SED) token is the only valid currency on the platform. Users with a token can see the content they want and earn the content sharing end of the token reward. The company that shares the profit share with the user is paying Seed token. At the end of this process, the value of the SED token naturally increases.

It is worth remembering that LiveTree is the world’s first blockchain-based film & TV rights funding and distribution platform. Ongoing sale of token to the project, which looks at the film industry at a completely different angle from this link You can join. To join LiveTree’s Telegram channel Click .

Contact: Cheryl Clarke

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Telephone: +447939554109

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