According to Google Lens the Google Pixel is … an iPhone!

According to Google Lens the Google Pixel is ... an iPhone!

The design has gone from being one aspect of our terminal to become the central axis of the world of telephony, and that is something that, day by day, our hands are grateful. The good feelings that we have to transmit a smartphone must be both at the level of performance and appearance, and that we now have clear.

However, there are many companies that, on occasion, decide to bet on designs that we have already seen in other terminals of the competition. Google was one of those companies, and its original Google Pixel was practically like an iPhone 7, but without the traditional Home button.

Now, with the Google Pixel 3, the story has changed a lot, and the terminal has a differential design, although not too original. But, for Google Lens, it seems that the Google Pixel 3 still has a similar design to the iPhone. Yes, he has a crime.

In case you do not remember, Google Lens is a tool that the American company launched in order to identify objects and words through the camera of our terminal. In this way, we can identify a product that we like on Amazon, or call a phone number by just taking a picture.