About OneCoin

About OneCoin

What is Onecoin? Onecoin is the new Bitcoin? How does the onecoin system work? Why do you never mention Onecoin, the biggest crypto money that comes after Bitcoin as CoinTurk on your site? Do not plan to issue new entrants Oneco review article about the Turkey?

In recent months we have received a lot of emails like this and so on. If our ideas are wondering, then let’s share.

What is Onecoin?

I do not want to make long technical explanations for you and try to prove our knowledge and our competence in this field. Anyway, I am sure that even those who know the blockchain system, mining, investing and selling crypto money in the stock market, that is, REALLY know the eco system and followers do not even wonder what Onecoin is.

Come on, ten thousand on the other side. Ten thousand people who are in some way seeking financial gain, suffered the size of the cake, which is exactly what it promises, and the “symbol of hope” is the victim.

The Oneco, bitcoin with no organic linkage AMA is not a “pyramid scheme” that has the basic philosophy of BitCoin and BlockChain and has little to no technical infrastructure, but the whole marketing strategy is the aspiration of the people in the world of “crypto money” by connecting the momentum and success that Bitcoin has achieved in the world.

Onecoin is pyramid marketing, the so-called “happiness chain” game, which claims to use the Bitcoin system and even “do better”. I find myself arrogant enough to describe Onecoin as one of those who have lived with bitchin and blockchain technology with more than 2 years of my team, read hundreds of foreign articles and publish more than 700 articles in CoinTurk.

The only reason for this severe stagnation is that it is a big advantage, such as bitcoin, that “changes and improves the financial system of the future” hide behind is that, even if there is no scientific, technological or innovative work in this area, it is only aspirant that people are enticed to the money in their pocket by deceiving “only one day a bitcoin can be $ 1000!” In doing so, we can only tell positive examples of the phases that bitcoin has passed to people and say, “Look! That’s how it happened in Bitcoin. We are new as Onecoin and we will try to attract people by saying, “There will be bigger things.”

Why is bitcoin $ 1,000? Why is that $ 400 now? Those who plan to enter or enter the onecoin system should be able to answer these two questions. If you do not have an idea, you are being deceived, stay away from the system. If you already understand Bitcoin and blockchain technology, you will not be able to log into Onecoin and so on.

Bitcoin is a completely open source, technology that anyone who wants to be involved in the system can be “owner” at the same time. Onecoin is a chaotic chain initiative that is the only one who owns it and who works in closed circuits, aiming to keep people in the pyramid with claims and promises.

While investing millions of dollars all over the world to Bitcoin, the states examine their infrastructure and usability at the highest level, including Visa, MasterCard, Microsoft … etc. Onecoin is a trap that plays with the hopes of a person (unfortunately more than a million) who just enter there through a closed-loop management panel, while world-class companies are only spending millions of dollars for bitcoin and blockchain research.

I do not want to make too much of it. Those who shoot promotional videos to announce the Onecoin system are unfortunately introducing Bitcoin as a “company” in these videos. Now there is no point in sharing the video and rencide anyone but your friends who are included in the Oneco pyramid schemes have this bitcoin and blockchain accumulation at this level.

A Simple Advice: There are hundreds of crypto moneys included in the crypto money echo system. The vast majority of them are unquestioned, worthless but blockchain-based employees, that is, technically using the same subset and accepted crypto parallels. Complete list I coinmarketcap.co site. The value of these money in the world market, the volume. all the details are on this site. Why is Onecoin not listed in this list, claiming it is new technology after Bitcoin? Why do crypto money people who prepare this list do not include “Onecoin” on the list? I would suggest you consider it!

Two Warnings:

  1. Those entering the onecoin system, I’m calling to you. Maybe the system may be profitable to you. Those who make money absolutely are and will be. But remember, the money you put into your pocket as a gain is another fraud that enters the system after you! Apart from that, there is no investment that enables Onecoin to be evaluated. This wheel will fall down one day and you will be under it.
  2. Pyramid systems are prohibited under the Law on the Protection of Consumers No 6502. Entering this system is a crime. I recommend you stay away.

ARTICLE 80 – (1) Pyramid sales; unrealistic or unrealistic, depending on the attitude of the other participants to comply fully with the conditions of the acquisition of the property of the beneficiary, in the hope that the system will be able to gain some money or property on the condition that other participants are found, is the system of earnings expectancy that is difficult. (2nd) The establishment, dissemination or recommendation of the pyramid sales system is prohibited .

Last word: The recommendation for all users in the onecoin system is: Immediately now, Yes, now withdraw the money you have deposited from the system. (Of course if this is possible ?!)

In CoinTurk, there will be no other article about Onecoin. As for the day another post we will buy remnants. His topic is already ready.

“Onecoin is down, the system can not be reached, tens of thousands of people flew away!”

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