A security breach of OnePlus 6 violates the protection of the bootloader


The users of OnePlus 6 are enjoying the first weeks of use of their new and brand new terminal, which is undoubtedly one of the most popular of the moment. And precisely as a result of this use, a serious failure of OnePlus 6 security that allows to load different ROMs with the bootloader blocked.

Precisely in the first days after the launch of the OnePlus 6 , we met a bug that focused on the audio during phone calls, which could not be heard correctly.

OnePlus will have to work on the security of OnePlus 6

We echo a tweet published by Jason Donenfeld, president of Edge Security LLC , which in the XDA forums is known as zx2c4, in which it shows how the OnePlus 6 bootloader can be easily compromised, provided that we have physical access to the terminal . In the own tuit you can see a video where it shows carefully how the exploit of a OnePlus 6 that has the bootloader blocked, something that should guarantee that nobody can not load a ROM other than the one that comes from the terminal factory .

But nothing is further from reality, because as you can see in this video, as long as we have physical access to OnePlus 6, and the relevant knowledge, we can load random images with the command “fastboot boot image.img” . Something that would be nothing special if it were not because this OnePlus 6 has the bootloader blocked, which should avoid this type of situation. In any case this problem has been reported by several engineers of OnePlus, in fact the author of this video has ensured that from OnePlus have recognized this problem. As is logical, only wait for some update by the Asian firm to solve the problem.

New update OxygenOS 5.1.6

The same day that this failure of the OnePlus 6 has been revealed, a new update has also been known, which offers two interesting novelties for the terminal. The first one is the portrait mode in the front camera , something that will undoubtedly make it possible to take advantage of the already outstanding front camera of the OnePlus 6.

A security breach of OnePlus 6 violates the protection of the bootloader

In fact we have been able to appreciate the change in the attached images, which show us before and after the frontal portrait mode. Another interesting novelty now offers us the percentage of remaining battery, in the status bar higher.

A security breach of OnePlus 6 violates the protection of the bootloader

The quality of the calls has also been improved, as well as the volume of the ringtones and their quality. Do not forget Visit our OnePlus forums in Movilzona .

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