A Samsung Galaxy with 3 screens ?: It is possible according to this patent


That we are at a turning point in terms of the design of ls smartphones is evident. A couple of years ago we have infinite screens, screens without borders, retractable cameras, sensors under the screen … Samsung wants to continue being that company that is at the forefront of innovation, something very important for them since their brand image is one of its main assets. until now we knew that they were making a folding smartphone (Galaxy X) that possibly occurs in the CES 2019 of Las Vegas, but what we did not know is that they also want to create a Samsung Galaxy with 3 screens.

The curious thing is that at the end of June we could already see a patent that referred to a possible Samsung smartphone with 2 screens , so it seems that Samsung engineers always go a little further when it comes to shuffling ideas for possible designs.

Taking the concept of “all screen” a little further

The patent that we just met would refer to a possible Samsung Galaxy that would literally be all screen. Actually we talk about 4 different options, although the truth is that some of them seem unlikely, but you never know.

On the one hand we have the Models 1, 3 and 4, where we have two screens, one on each side of the device and with small differentiating elements. He model 1 is one of the most stylized and perhaps more plausible, since it shows us a smartphone with two screens that cover the entire front and back of the device and include the front camera and the speaker calls under the screen. Interestingly, it does not show any camera in the back, so it would use the frontal camera as the only camera, having a rear screen to focus on.

A Samsung Galaxy with 3 screens ?: It is possible according to this patent

The models 3 and 4 they are quite similar, since both include traditional screens on their front and a physical start button, but model 3 would dispense with the front camera (use the back for selfies) while the model 4 yes that would include a front camera and would do without a rear camera, using a full screen on its back.

And finally we have the model 2 , possibly the most futuristic of all and to which we refer in our headline. A prototype of Samsung Galaxy that would include a third screen on the sides Of the device.

A Samsung Galaxy with 3 screens ?: It is possible according to this patent

Therefore, we would have two front and back screens occupying almost the entire chassis, and a third on the edges whose functions we do not know completely, but which would be very interesting for notifications, alarms or call notification.

We do not know if this third screen would extend to the upper and lower sides of the device, but, if so, we are curious to know how Samsung solves the connectivity section of the device (USB port, slots for SIM and SD).

A mysterious Nubia Z18S appears on the network with two screens

For now it is too early to know if these ideas will one day materialize or if the Galaxy X It is the future and this patent is in no man’s land. Time will tell.

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