A real image of the Xiaomi Mi A2 is filtered!

A real image of the Xiaomi Mi A2 is filtered!

It has just filtered a real image of the Xiaomi Mi A2, and we are already noticing the hype coming out through the pores, since one of the best mid-range phones of this 2018 It is just around the corner, and every time we go knowing more details.

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In this case, as we have said, it is a filtered image in which we can see the terminal in operation, and the truth is that its appearance It has left us very good feelings, do you want us to see it?

A real image of the Xiaomi Mi A2 is filtered!

This is the Xiaomi Mi A2 live

We can see little of the totality of a terminal through an image filtered inbut the certain thing is that, when it is little for the presentation of the same, they know to glory, since they allow us to see a little of the aesthetic section of the terminal in question.

In this case, the Xiaomi Mi A2, which would be Xiaomi’s second smartphone to integrate Android One, would radically change the design of its front with respect to its predecessor, since it would reduce frames considerably, making the smartphone look much more elegant. Obviously, this reduction of frames would cause the buttons to be on the screen, instead of in the lower frame of the terminal.

A real image of the Xiaomi Mi A2 is filtered!

Another thing that strikes us is that it seems that this Xiaomi Mi A2 would have a more rounded shape than the Xiaomi Mi 6X, which was expected to be his twin brother, and this is something that makes us happy, since, usually, it usually improves the ergonomics of the device.

As you can see, the photograph shows the settings with the aesthetics of Android Puro and not MIUI, and this lets us know that the terminal, in addition to having Android One, will run Android 8.1 Oreo version from the moment of its release. We were not expecting less than one of those who are called to be the mid-range phones par excellence of this 2018.


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