A razor and a futuristic anti-mosquito, the new from Xiaomi this week

A razor and a futuristic anti-mosquito, the new from Xiaomi this week

Last week we told you here, at Andro4all, thatwhat little or nothing had to do with what, in general, Xiaomi launches . These products were nothing more or less than sports shoes, a latex mattress and an electric bottle opener. We said that, at this rate, you will soon be able to buy Xiaomi brand aspirin, and today it is not that you can buy medicines, but yes an anti-mosquito that works with batteries and a razor . There is nothing.

In case some person does not know, Xiaomi has a series of sub-brands through which it sells products of all kinds . There we have, for example, 8H, responsible for making mattresses, pillows, sheets and products for rest; Uleemark, aimed at the sportswear market and Huohou, brand of kitchen products. Did you think Xiaomi was just a brand of high-end and mid-range smartphones at bargain prices? Oh, innocent creature … Xiaomi has everything! We are going to know his new releases that have nothing to do with the world of technology.

Xiaomi ZHIBAI Electric Razor, the second version of your razor

A razor and a futuristic anti-mosquito, the new from Xiaomi this week

I think it was in March of 2017 when Xiaomi announced its first razor , the Xiaomi Mijia Electric Razor. This device was going pretty well and sold faster than sweets at the exit of a school. It is normal, therefore, that the company wants to continue taking products in this line, and the ZHIBAI Electric Razor It is the proof of that. The razor has tiny dimensions (6.35 x 5 x 2.55 cm), the size of the palm of the hand, and weighs only 86.5 grams. Account with two ring-shaped blades made of stainless steel and USB charging port type C. Of course, it is water resistant and has IPX7 certification.

Yes, it can be used anywhere in the body.

The engine, which has German technology, is capable of reaching 8,500 revolutions per minute. This is achieved thanks to two 450 mAh batteries , that provide the device with 30 days of autonomy. Is the idea cool? Do you like the Xiaomi ZHIBAI Electric Razor? Well, you can buy at Gearbest and Banggood for less than 30 euros with shipping to the whole world. We leave the links right here below.

Buy Xiaomi ZHIBAI Electric Razor in Gearbest

Buy Xiaomi ZHIBAI Electric Razor at Banggood

Xiaomi Mijia Mosquito Repellent, a mosquito repellent that comes from the future

A razor and a futuristic anti-mosquito, the new from Xiaomi this week

Possibly you have not seen a mosquito repellent like that in your life , true? The Xiaomi Mijia Mosquito Repellent, built in white plastic, comes to be like the anti-mosquito classics, only more ‘cuqui’. Has a solid plate of Tretrafluthrin that evaporates through the application of heat . This process releases the toxin that, expelled to the outside by means of a fan, is responsible for frightening and killing the mosquitoes. Yes, ‘toxin’ sounds really bad, but this device is recommended for indoor use , So there’s no problem.

It works with two AA batteries that give the device between 30 and 45 days of autonomy . The Tretrafluthrin plate lasts about 720 hours, after which it must be changed to guarantee its operation. “Why with batteries?” You will ask yourself. The reason is simple: be able to place it anywhere in the house , whether or not there is a plug. Finally, it should be noted that it has a light system that serves to indicate to the user the state of the machine (green is working, red that has little battery, etc.). Its price? 23.96 euros in Gearbest with shipping to the whole world. We leave the link down here.

Buy Xiaomi Mijia Mosquito Repellent in Gearbest

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