A mysterious Nubia Z18S appears on the network with two screens


Menudo year is being 2018 in terms of the design of smartphones. Apple opened the ban on the screens almost without frames with the iPhone X at the end of 2017, and since then we have seen quite a few terminals with notch, 18: 9 screens even in the low range and devices like the I live Nex or the Oppo Find X with amazing screen ratios. Now Nubia could join the party with the Nubia Z18S , a device with two screens and very small edges.

We have been hearing about the Nubia Z18 , a smartphone that claims to boast of screen ratio and features, but that according to the latest leaks , used a tiny notch similar to the Essential Phone. That’s why we were surprised to see the leak of some renders and what even seems a real announcement of Nubia, where you can see a device with two screens, one on each side of the chassis.

Characteristics of Nubia Z18 after passing through TENAA

Is this the Nubia Z18S?

Well at least that’s how it was defined by Slashleaks , which in turn has echoed a publication made in the Chinese social network Weibo . The Nubia Z18S would be an enhanced evolution of the Nubia Z18 that would dispense with the notch and achieve a screen ratio similar to Oppo Find X.

Already the general manager of Nubia, Ni Fei , announced last October that the company’s next generation of smartphones would use the technology Full Display 3.0 , but what we did not imagine was a smartphone with two screens.

A mysterious Nubia Z18S appears on the network with two screens

Nubia already has experience in making smartphones with infinite screens, since the previous one Nubia Z17s reached a screen ratio of 90.36% and now they could go even further with a smartphone that Disregards the front camera.

And is that if we need a front camera is because we want to frame the shot (selfie) with the help of a screen, but if we have a screen on the back of the device, we can use the rear camera as a camera for selfies .

This solution is very ingenious the truth, since it allows to save the expense in extra sensors and also all the photos that we take will be made with the same quality (dual sensor), whether selfies or photographs to use, without forgetting that we do not have to resort to mechanical parts that hide the front camera.

A mysterious Nubia Z18S appears on the network with two screens

Of course, a secondary screen also means extra consumption and invest in a second panel, which we assume based on the filtered image that will have a maximum brightness and a contained resolution so as not to spend too much.

From what is seen in the filtered image, we can use the secondary screen for anything, either for a clock widget, either to take pictures or to make normal use of the system as if it were the main screen.

A mysterious Nubia Z18S appears on the network with two screens

By the filtered rendering, it can be seen that the right side of the Nubia Z18S will accommodate the volume buttons , while on the left would be the power button and the slot for SIM and microSD cards.

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You will be wondering where is the fingerprint reader , except for surprise, it seems that the Nubia Z18S would be the first to include a double side sensor , which we assume makes it more usable for left-handed people and leaves us with the curiosity of whether we can configure it to read two different tracks simultaneously.

Little else is known about the Nubia Z18, but you can expect that its hardware section is up to standard Nubian Z18, so it should include the Snapdragon 845 , between 6 and 8 GB of RAM and a storage of 64 or 128 GB capacity (maybe more).

For now, we also do not know the size and resolution of the main screen (and the secondary screen), but we will expand the information as soon as possible.

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