A mysterious Honor phone with a chrome finish appears in images


Honor has made a hole in the market very important, and all this also being a second Huawei brand, which has much merit. And it has done it with a winning formula, mobile phones with interesting features, well finished and affordable. Now a mysterious Honor mobile and with chrome finish it has been filtered.

Although the original filtration points to Honor Note 10 , we have described it as mysterious because its aspect has nothing to do with that of the Honor Note 10 that has been seen a couple of days ago in several filtered images.

Is it an Honor or Huawei mobile?

The truth is that this leak disturbs us a lot, because on the one hand, in Slash Leaks, which is where the two images have been published, it is described as the Honor Note 10 . And now we are going to dissect where these doubts come from. As you can see, it is an attractive phone, with a striking chrome-like finish that does not look like the filtered images of the Honor 10 this past week. In addition, the design reminds us more of another Huawei phone than an Honor.

A mysterious Honor phone with a chrome finish appears in images

If you look at the layout of the dual camera and his design , it remind us more to the Huawei Mate 10 presented last fall, although there are obviously differences. As you can also see in the image, it is engraved on its back the word Ravel , which is still a false name to describe the phone internally. Something quite common in Huawei phones, and that could also have been extended to its affiliate Honor. In addition, this Ravel logo is shown vertically, just as the new ones do Huawei P20 in its back part.

A mysterious Honor phone with a chrome finish appears in images

In any case, one of the most striking aspects of these images is the chrome finish , which does not seem to be directly that of a mirror, but that is certainly very striking. On whether it’s about Honor Note 10 or another Huawei terminal, it’s all a mystery, which obviously we can not solve now. Although undoubtedly the appearance of this phone is more attractive for a Note 10 than seen this week, and would make more sense, recovering the design of one of the top of Huawei range, such as Mate 10.

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