A Ghostek case reaffirms dimensions and design of the cheap iPhone X


It is practically a fact that Manzana will launch three iPhone models in 2018 . Two of these will be those commented Second generation iPhone X and iPhone X Plus . The third version will correspond to iPhone X more economical , the rumored iPhone 9 . A model that is again portrayed in both dimensions like in appearance from filtering a cover of Ghostek . All the details and cheap iPhone X design , then.

As we have already indicated, the leaks that have occurred to this day allow us to advance with some certainty some of the main details of the new iPhone of 2018. Broadly speaking, Apple will repeat with a second-generation iPhone X, but will introduce an iPhone X with a larger screen, as much as 6.5 inches , under the name of iPhone X Plus . The third model will be in charge of the most economical version, it is said that at the same price or similar to that of iPhone 8 . Model on which Ghostek , recognized manufacturer of covers and accessories, provides details that reaffirm details such as design of the economical iPhone X , also known to date as iPhone 9.

This would look like the cheap iPhone X (or iPhone 9) in front of the iPhone X of 2018

Design of the economical iPhone X

As they reveal from Forbes , Ghostek is again the way that anticipates information on new models on the way. It was already with the OnePlus 6 recently, in addition to other cases previously. And is that the manufacturer of covers and accessories for smartphones of leading brands again partially see the design of one of the future Apple smartphones . In this case, we talk about Cheap iPhone X design, iPhone 9 . A Ghostek case reaffirms dimensions and design of the cheap iPhone X

Although we already have graphic material in this line, Ghostek comes to reaffirm all the above. This is shown by the photograph in which the aforementioned model appears with one of its covers, called ATOMICSlim 2 .

New images of the iPhone 9 and its 6.1-inch screen

Screen, cameras, Face ID …

Among the details that we can extract from the image is that the cheap iPhone X design is very much in line with the current iPhone X . The same concept with screen without just frames , with notch and the total suppression of Home button with Fingerprint sensor Touch ID in favor of Face ID . Yes, the cheapest iPhone X or iPhone 9 will offer the already popular 3D facial recognition system with TrueDeep camera . A Ghostek case reaffirms dimensions and design of the cheap iPhone X

Another detail that the sheath of Ghostek allows us to visualize is the presence of a single camera on the back of the case, next to an LED flash. He had already commented that, because of the cost reduction to maintain a competitive price, or at least not as high as the current iPhone X, Apple would be forced to cut in the section of the characteristics .

Precisely that is the reason for another absence in the technical sheet of the cheapest iPhone X . The display will not offer too much shrillness, nor OLE technology D ni 3D Touch .

This is the reason why Apple can shoot its sales with the iPhone of 2018

Dimensions of the cheap iPhone X

Another of the graphics provided by the source is the one that shows a map of the general design of the iPhone 9 . In the same can be seen both the front, rear and side of the smartphone outlined. In the same can be seen both the arrangement of the main elements, such as cameras, lightning connector, side pendant and loudspeaker grilles. A Ghostek case reaffirms dimensions and design of the cheap iPhone X

However, as we indicated, the most relevant is the responsibility of the dimensions of the cheap iPhone X . The planes that you can see above mark some dimensions of 147.12 x 71.52 millimeters , although the possible thickness of the terminal remains in the air. These levels are slightly higher than those of iPhone X , a detail that would be given by the larger screen size, set at 6.1 inches.

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