A fan, basketball shoes or helmet for the bike, the newest of Xiaomi

A fan, basketball shoes or helmet for the bike, the newest of Xiaomi

The guys from Xiaomi do not rest , turning eight is done once in a lifetime andjust after awhich however has supposed the highest emission of a technology company in the last four years . Nothing less … and with open trade war between the United States and China involved.

The number ofit does not stop growing, and if you have visited any you will have already realized that The Chinese manufacturer not only sells next-generation electronic devices , but also has a careful range of less technological products such as towels, backpacks, clothes, office supplies and even small appliances , now accompanied by a collection of sports equipment started by thedesigned to exercise.

And beware because they will not be the last ones, because the new products of the giant based in Haidian, Beijing, will surprise you for sure … It’s about Basketball’s shoes , a helmet for the bicycle , a sleeping bag and a retractable bed for our camping, and a fan bidirectional

Do you want to know what they offer us of different truth? Well do not go that now we present, follow us in the analysis of each …

A fan, basketball shoes or helmet for the bike, the newest of Xiaomi

Xiaomi and Hyber come together to create basketball shoes

A good moment chosen by Xiaomi to present a product that can have a lot of pull in the United States , because with the new season NBA at the doors throwing some high quality basketball shoes prepared to compete with giants like Nike, Under Armor or Adidas.

The differential touch is provided by Hyber, a company known for offering comfortable and ecological options in the textile sector , with recycling as an important part of its philosophy.

The shoes designed by Xiaomi and Hyber can be purchased at three different styles and are made of TPU and EVA rubber. They are practical, functional and striking to please basketball lovers, and its price places them among the cheapest in the market: 45 dollars – some 38 euros at the current exchange rate .

A fan, basketball shoes or helmet for the bike, the newest of Xiaomi

Youpin Smart4u Light, the bike helmet according to Xiaomi

The ideal complement for protect yourself if you have a bicycle or electric scooter from Xiaomi it is precisely this helmet called Youpin Smart4u Light , a novel product halfway between a conventional bicycle helmet and a gadget .

Designed and built in one piece, the helmet is made with polycarbonate and a high density EPS interior OSI-205T , which makes it a solid and comfortable safety element when it comes to cycling. An integrated molding process gives you more resistance to the assembly, and leaves its weight in only 500 grams .

The helmet has a water repellent design with IP4X certification , which will allow us to protect ourselves and its electronic components from the rain, and yes, this helmet It is also a device with a LED warning light with automatic detection and activation.

A fan, basketball shoes or helmet for the bike, the newest of Xiaomi

This warning light, which has seven high brightness LEDs , it will turn on automatically thanks to a luminosity sensor that will detect ambient lighting . Xiaomi boasts visibility up to 180 meters, a figure not inconsiderable.

Not only that, it has a button to control the multiple lighting modes available-warm light, cold light, intermittent, automatic light, etc.-, and has up to 36 hours of autonomy if it stays on or 180 hours on hold. The charge will be made with a very attractive magnetic connector

This helmet is now available, and can be purchased at import stores at a price of about $ 97.60, something like.

A fan, basketball shoes or helmet for the bike, the newest of Xiaomi

GOCAMP, the range of Xiaomi camping products

Two new products reach the range Xiaomi GOCAMP, a sleeping bag and a folding stretcher Made of extremely durable materials, and designed specifically for adventure sports and camping.

The Chinese firm has wanted to improve the sleeping experience in our adventures in the field, and has developed a lounge-style stretcher that can be folded into a package of 103 x 25 x 15 centimeters to transport it comfortably. It is made with solid materials and provides a more pleasant sleeping experience than any mat.

The GOCAMP stretcher weighs 7 Kg. And can support weights up to 100 kilograms, costing only about 25 euros to the change when available

A fan, basketball shoes or helmet for the bike, the newest of Xiaomi

In addition, the Chinese manufacturer has hinted its tent Zaofeng Camping Tent, and as an accessory has presented a sleeping bag made with synthetic fiber and filled with cotton . It is a bag made with resistant materials and that can also be folded in a minimum package of 33 x 14 centimeters.

When it is stretched it looks like a cocoon of an insect and allows us to go inside completely to maintain the temperature, with a price at exchange of about 47 euros .

A fan, basketball shoes or helmet for the bike, the newest of Xiaomi

Le Xiu, a minimalist and programmable fan

The last and curious product of the Chinese firm is a bidirectional fan that can rotate in 360 degrees , and that adds to Xiaomi’s legion of small appliances.

Is called Le Xiu , and although it does not have connectivity with the smartphone like the Mijia DC, the truth is that its 24 cubic meters of capacity to move air, its minimalist design and its high quality materials – ABS plastic -, they place it as a great option to keep the temperature at bay in any room of the home.

It is fully programmable and its rotation speed reaches 1,430 revolutions per minute, weighs only 4.6 kilograms and is not extremely noisy. Its price? Well about 65 euros to the current change .

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