A Dubai-based Crypto Money Exchange Employee Robbers $ 200Bin

A Dubai-based Crypto Money Exchange Employee Robbers $ 200Bin
A Dubai-based Crypto Money Exchange Employee Robbers $ 200Bin

According to the Dubai-based Khaleej Times newspaper, a crypto money exchange platform employee in the country was found to have received crypto notes traded on the stock market for personal use. Both the company and the working public were not shared.

The broker worked as an expert in managing all the infrastructure and tried to hide the transactions he had made by playing with software. The crypto traded on the platform sent a small part of the money to the fake account it created in the database. There was no reason for the employees of the company to suspect this situation.

Later on the platform, it was noticed that the crypto money transactions were inconsistent and did not match the records. But the guilty was not there; because it was played with safety data. The thief was slowly sending crypto money to his fake account. This small plan ended with the lawsuit filed against the end of the capture of relevant data on the personal computer.

This information has been collected by an expert employed by the Office of the Expertise and Conflict Resolution Office of the Dubai Government Court in order to clarify the case and to determine the damage the company is suffering.

The last year the citizens of the United Arab Emirates have informed the public about the frauds of cryptographic money that could arise as a result of the stolen identity information. Although the country has not yet introduced legislation on cryptographic currencies, it has not forbidden it. The financial regulatory authorities in the country also warned those who are willing to invest in misleading ICO projects and that investors are taking risks entirely at their own risk.

Bitcoin and ICOs continue to be a focus of daylight. According to Google Trendler, Bitcoin and crypto paralara are among the countries that are most interested in the United Arab Emirates.

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