A cheap Samsung Galaxy S10 could arrive next year

A cheap Samsung Galaxy S10 could arrive next year

This year 2018 is ending, and although we are having a very busy month of October, loaded with presentations like the new , there are those who already think about next 2019. As always, We hope it’s a great year and we expect a lot from companies like Samsung .

We have already talked about some other future Samsung Galaxy S10 rumor, Today we come with more, since a cheaper S10 model could be around the corner.

This would be the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite

We commented a few weeks ago,

Therefore, we would have before us a Galaxy S10 cheaper than his brothers , but of course, with some specifications cut. We would speak for example of a single lens instead of two, in addition to a smaller screen and less storage that would remain in the 64 GB, although the latter could be expandable by microSD cards. Your model number would be SM-G970x.

A cheap Samsung Galaxy S10 could arrive next year

The other two versions of the next flagship of the Korean firm would come under the names SM-G973x and SM-G975x, and would start with a more than decent 128 GB of storage. As we saw with the Note 9 presented a few months ago and even in the new iPhone, the storage of the new Galaxy could reach up to 512 GB .

It must be said that for now all the information is based on rumors , and that is that there are still some months left for us to know the new creations of Samsung. A smartphone as expected as the Galaxy S10 will continue to generate gossip until the day of its presentation.

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