A 70-year-old Japanese man walks with his bicycle and 11 mobile phones connected to Pokémon Go

A 70-year-old Japanese man walks with his bicycle and 11 mobile phones connected to Pokémon Go

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Chen San Yuan, that is the name of the peculiar protagonist of this article, is dedicated to cycling throughout Taiwan with six iPhones and three Samsung connected to a battery that, according to him, provide 20 hours of autonomy. Each of them has a different account and are placed in a kind of support that is located just above the handlebar , a position that allows you to have controlled the 11 terminals with only a glance without obstructing the view of the old man. That does not mean it’s safe, much less.

Its objective, as we have commented previously, is to be able to win in gyms and incursions without the help of a third party. And why cycling and not walking? Possibly for several reasons. The first is obvious: it is faster. The second is that, possibly, with the bike does not reach the top speed of Pokémon GO to open eggs and get candy from the companion Pokémon (10.5 km / h) , but enough to catch Pokeparadas on the fly.

Not to mention that you can send gifts to each other to have a constant trickle of objects.

The septuagenarian is known in the region as a shifu (teacher) and even some people treat him as God. On the other hand, if 11 phones seemed like a lot to you, your plan is to have 15 by the end of this year . Just above you have a video so you can see how it is organized and how it plays. And is it legal? You will ask yourself. If we abide by the Terms and Conditions of Use of Pokémon GO, no . These specify that, among other things, you can not “play with multiple accounts (one account per player, please)”, so Chen San Yuan is breaking the rules, which could well cost you a temporary ban and, if you repeat, the closing of all accounts.

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