9 myths about pregnancy

Myths about pregnancy can vary from one generation to another and are part of the culture of each region. Each culture, according to its beliefs, has its own myths .

Myths about pregnancy

Myths about feeding

“Since I’m pregnant, I have to eat for two”

9 myths about pregnancy

The myth that pregnant Must eat for two is one of the oldest and most frequent. Do not eat for two, but for two . The exaggerated consumption of food can put at risk the health of the pregnant woman, making her more prone to develop diseases.

Spicy food hurts the baby

It is proven that the consumption of spicy does not directly affect the baby , however, it can generate reflux problems or acidity Stomach to the mother.

In the third trimester, it is common for pregnant women to feel upset stomachs because the growth of the uterus presses the stomach, which causes the acid to rise up the esophagus. In short, this belief is false.

“Vegetables with strong flavor are bad for the baby”

The consumption of fruits contributes to the organism vitamins and essential minerals for the correct development of the fetus . There is no study that verifies that the intake of vegetables and legumes with strong flavor causes damage to the fetus.

Simply, should be eliminated if they cause intolerance to the pregnant . Therefore, it is another false belief.

Myth about exercise

“Exercising during pregnancy increases the risk of abortion

9 myths about pregnancy

Sport has benefits for the human being in all phases of his life. It has been determined that the exercise of the mother does not imply risks for the fetus and that it could have beneficial effects for the baby. Of course, the future mother must avoid impact sports. Thus, this belief also turns out to be false.

Myth about sexual activity

“Penetration can bother or hurt the baby”

The belief that during the sexual act can harm the fetus is very common and goes back to the time of the Middle Ages. Currently, specialists in gynecology and psychology certify that maintaining an active sex life during pregnancy brings great benefits .

With this premature births are avoided , the rupture of the amniotic bag and even sexually transmitted infections . Therefore, this belief is completely false.

Myths about cravings and symptoms in the father

The mens They may feel the same symptoms as their partners when they are pregnant . These symptoms can be: dizziness, mood swings and so-called cravings for certain foods, as well as hormonal changes. This is called pregnancy by imitation. This myth is true.

A recent study published in the journal Medical Science Monitor indicates that the onset of pregnancy symptoms in men is more common than previously thought. Approximately, 72% of the future parents suffer at least one of the symptoms .

It is called pregnancy by imitation, solidarity or empathic ; but the official term is “Couvade syndrome”.

Other myths

If you have heartburn, the baby will be born with a lot of hair

9 myths about pregnancy

The cause of hair growth in the fetus is hormonal and physiological . That is, the amount of hair that the baby comes to have does not have any relationship with the stomach acidity of the mother. Therefore, this belief is completely false.

One of the real causes of heartburn in pregnant women is the increase in estrogen levels. This increase can cause heartburn, a burning sensation that rises from the stomach to the pharynx as a result of the regurgitation of acid-laden stomach fluid.

“If your nose swells, it’s a girl”

There is no relationship between the appearance of the mother and the sex of the baby . The inflamed nose may be a consequence of increased levels of estrogen as the blood flow to the mucous membrane increases, causing it to expand. In short, this belief is also completely false.

“If your belly is round, you will have a girl; and if it is pointed, it will be a child ”

The shape of a pregnant woman’s belly is determined by the uterus , as it grows. If any more prominent area appears than another, it is due to the location and size of the baby , regardless of sex.

To know the sex of the baby, an ultrasound should be done at the end of 16 weeks of gestation, although the most reliable result is at 22 weeks. Therefore, this belief is also false.


Finally, do not worry if the myths are true or false. The important thing is that you enjoy your pregnancy , since it is a unique period between the baby and you as a mother. In this case, if you have any questions, consult your doctor.

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