7 old phones that today are worth a fortune


Technology and consumerism have those quirks. When you think that you have a completely obsolete object without any kind of value, you find out that in reality it is an almost limited edition cult object for which they pay a fortune on the internet.

It is something impossible to predict, of course, but if you are one of those who keep their technological memories in a drawer, you’d better take a look to see if you happen to have some of these old legends, some models that pay a good amount of money for more than one.

Classic mobile phones that are now worth a lot of money

Nokia 8110

7 old phones that today are worth a fortune

Known by many as the Matrix Phone , this terminal with slightly curved lines came to stardom with its appearance in the first installment of the trilogy of the Wachowski sisters. It was a high-end phone that showed the power of that Nokia of the 90s. It can be found on eBay for about 200 euros .

Motorola DynaTAC 8000X

7 old phones that today are worth a fortune

It was the first mobile phone that you could carry “almost” in your pocket. It’s pure telecommunications history, and that “first” label of history is paid, obviously. They can be found for about 1,000 euros , but even on eBay we can find a pack with box and manual perfectly preserved with a tag of 7,300 euros .

Samsung SPH-N270

7 old phones that today are worth a fortune

Matrix returns to be protagonist in this occasion, since this model of Samsung is the one that took the very Neo in Matrix Reloaded. But in addition to the appearance on the big screen, the master move of the company has helped the terminal to revalue, as only 10,000 units went on sale in 2003. It can be found for about 260 euros .

Nokia Mobira Talkman

7 old phones that today are worth a fortune

This peculiar Nokia model is characterized by being the first mobile phone that the brand launched in its history. It is not especially portable, but it is one more example of the evolution of mobile telephony in all these years. If you want a piece of history like this you will have to pay about 800 euros .

Apple iPhone 2G

7 old phones that today are worth a fortune

Considering how much the vintage products of the apple brand are revalued, there was no doubt that what was the first mobile phone presented by Steve Jobs himself was going to be present on this list. A model in good condition can be found for 200 euros , although there are follies like sealed boxes unopened from 5,000 euros .

Motorola Aura R1

7 old phones that today are worth a fortune

A piece manufactured by Motorola worthy of being present in the windows of high-end jewelers. The manufacturer took out this model in 2008 with a design made of stainless steel and a circular screen that was especially striking. By then it came to the market with a price close to 2,000 euros, but now it remains at about 1,500 euros in the second-hand market.

Nokia 808 Pureview

7 old phones that today are worth a fortune

It was one of the last phones of the old Nokia to offer Symbian as an operating system, but its rarity is found in the camera, since it was the first phone of the Pureview family to offer a sensor of 41 megapixels. It is a practically young terminal, since it was launched in 2012, so its price of 250 euros onwards surprises.

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