7 nanometers and 3 GHz: this would be the Samsung Galaxy S10 processor

7 nanometers and 3 GHz: this would be the Samsung Galaxy S10 processor

6 or 8 GB of RAM and a processor that exceeds 3 GHz of maximum frequency . No, they are not the specifications of your computer -although they could-, but the supposed technical section of the future Samsung Galaxy S10 that will see the light at the beginning of 2019. At least so it suggests, by which both companies will collaborate in the set-up and market launch of the first 7-nanometer mobile processor, capable of reaching a frequency of more than 3 GHz.

Knowing this,about if Samsung Galaxy S10 could be the first terminal of the company to release one of these processors have not been made to wait, and that really proves to probbale that Samsung could bet to integrate a chip of these characteristics in its next flagship of 2019.

The processor of the Samsung Galaxy S10 would exceed 3 GHz

7 nanometers and 3 GHz: this would be the Samsung Galaxy S10 processor

We have known for a long time thatfrom 7-nanometer processors for their future star terminals , which would most likely be included in their terminals starting from next year. With this new collaboration with ARM, only our suspicions are confirmed that the company wants to accelerate the production of this type of chips, whose mass production will begin at the end of this same year.

Samsung’s 7LPP process technology will be ready for its initial production in the second half of 2018

But beyond a greater efficiency thanks to the smaller size of the chips, Samsung and ARM have managed to generate a maximum clock frequency exceeding 3 GHz in this new generation of processors. As a reference, the current Exynos 9810 that incorporategenerates a maximum frequency of up to 2.9 GHz with 10 nanometers, while its most direct rival, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845, can reach 2.8 GHz of speed. Both, in addition, are manufactured in a process of 10 nanometers instead of the 7 nanometers of the new technology of processors.

While it is not confirmed that this is the chip that will mount the new Samsung terminal, it seems increasingly likely that Samsung is going to bet on a technology of 7 nanometers in the brain that will give life to the Galaxy S10 . Anyway, we will have to wait calmly until we know new information about the terminal.


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