6 tips on breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is one of the periods most awaited by the mother. That magical moment in which you will finally have your baby in your arms and in the warmth of your chest, but it is also a period of uncertainty. The publicity that milk formula receives is so aggressive that we end up wondering what is best.

The decision to breastfeed your baby or not is yours alone, and will depend on the particularities of each case . However, breast milk is a superfood for your child. From this it obtains all the nutrients and vitamins that it requires for its healthy development.

If you are a first-time mother, you may lose yourself because of nerves and stress. Not knowing how to hold your baby to breastfeed may not be easy in principle , but more important is to be patient and not fall into despair.

Below, we share some recommendations to make this stage more than pleasant.

Tips for effective breastfeeding

1. Prepare your breasts

6 tips on breastfeeding

This preparation is not only physical but it is also emotional . Before putting the baby to suck, check that you do not have cracks or stinging that may result in a painful moment for you. Also, if your breasts They are very full, it can hurt you.

Therefore, it is recommended that you empty them a little with your hand or with a breast pump, before feeding the baby. The hygiene of the breasts is fundamental and involves a daily shower with a mild soap.

2. Make yourself comfortable

The positions you adopt to breastfeed should be as comfortable as possible for both . You can do it lying on your side on the bed supported by pillows or cushions, and place the baby on the bed at your chest. Another option is to do it sitting with your child in your arms.

Place your nose at the level of your nipple. Thus, when you open your mouth you will be able to grab a large part of the areola.

3. Take your time

6 tips on breastfeeding

It is vital that the moment of breast-feed be relaxed and pleasant for both. Thus, do not stress if you feel your baby is taking too long . Do not assume that you were hungry if you emptied your chest in 5 minutes. Each child has their particular rhythm of suction. Little by little, you can determine which one is your son’s.

4. Help him do it well

Although babies are born with the instinct to suck, If you do not hold your breast well, you will not be able to get all the milk you need . Pay attention to how you place your mouth and support it, if required. Your mouth should be very open with the lower lip facing outward, covering as much aura possible.

Your nose will be fully attached to your chest. Do not fear that you will not suffocate.

5. Give him as much as he wants

In the first days, it is wise to feed him every time he asks. The more stimulation your breasts have, the greater the milk production . In the first month, the ideal thing is to offer the breast every three hours, which will prevent a drop in glucose in the baby.

6. Try to leave the chest empty

6 tips on breastfeeding

Milk production varies during the day and as the weeks pass. This happens to adapt to the nutritional needs of the child. Thus, in the first days after childbirth, the milk is yellowish (known as colostrum ). This is the milk with the highest protein content and antibacterial properties that you will produce.

The milk seems watered down at the beginning of the intake and increases the fat content at the end. Thus, you must empty your chest to get all the benefits once .

Other considerations

Breastfeeding is recommended during the first six months of the baby . Then, you can add another type of complementary food. It is ideal that you learn to extract your milk and save it for someone else to feed your baby , in case you could not do it.

It is not advisable that during the period of lactation follow a restrictive type diet, unless you have a special medical condition. Of course, avoid drinking alcohol, caffeine and very sugary drinks . Remember that everything you consume, so will your son.

Breastfeeding can last as long as you and your baby want. Doctors recommend keeping it until two years of baby’s life . And is that breastfeeding exclusively, at the baby’s demand, is enough to keep it full, strong and healthy. No need to give anything else.

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