6 settings you must activate to make your Facebook account more secure

6 settings you must activate to make your Facebook account more secure

Facebook continues in the spotlight of the. After the controversy, the social network has received news and tools with which to offer users more control over their data, thus giving them a greater sense of security.

We may not trust Facebook, but there are always solutions to try to make our stay in the domains of Mark Zuckerberg and company safer. Therefore, in this article we compiled a series of settings that you can activate with the sole purpose of improving the security of your Facebook account.

How to improve the security of your Facebook account: 6 settings that you should activate

6 settings you must activate to make your Facebook account more secure

Protect your profile image

The first advice they give us fromTo improve the security of our Facebook account, it is to protect our profile image. By default, anyone can see, and even download our profile image.

Luckily this can be changed. By clicking on our profile image, it is possible prevent other members of the social network from downloading our photograph and impersonate us through a false profile, through the option “Activate profile image protection”, that prevents anyone from downloading the profile picture.

Do not lose access to your account thanks to your friends

In addition to two-step verification, Facebook offers as a security method a system that allows you to use friends as a verification method . In this way, in case of losing access to the account temporarily, for example because Facebook has detected an attempt to initiate an unidentified session, and has decided to block the profile, it will only be necessary to to resort to one of the 5 friends that we have selected to recover the access.

To activate this system, you must access the account settings, and in “Login and Security”, choose the friends to contact in case you need it – keep in mind that you must select a minimum of 3-.

Discover on which devices your accounts have been accessed

Maybe someone is accessing your Facebook profile without your permission, and you do not even know it. You can check it through the settings of your account, under the section “Login and security” using the tool “Where are you connected” . You will see a list with all the devices in which you have logged into your account , and you can remove the access of any of them manually.

6 settings you must activate to make your Facebook account more secure

What does Facebook know about you?

During the years that you have been using Facebook, the social network has learned a lot about you. Too much, maybe. If you want to check what Facebook knows about you, you can do it through the “Your Facebook information” panel located on the left side of the home screen . From there, you can see or download all the information, or change the preferences about the users that can see this information -all, nobody, or only your friends-.

Make Facebook forget your data

And without leaving the panel mentioned in the previous point, it is possible make Facebook forget about everything he knows about you . To do this, you must access “Manage your data.” In this configuration panel, you can decide how Facebook should use this data, including location, contacts or facial recognition system settings, or even eliminate them altogether.

Controls the access of third-party apps

You may have logged in to an application or website using your Facebook profile . While this option may be convenient for services that you use from time to time, for which you do not intend to create a separate account, accessing certain services through Facebook may not be the safest option.

If you want to see on which platforms you have logged in with Facebook, access the account settings and under the section applications and web pages , see the platforms that have access, and remove it if you do not trust some of them.


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