6 myths about motherhood

There are myths about motherhood that contain false beliefs that it is important to recognize . Being a mother is the miracle of giving life and one of the most transcendental events in the existence of a woman, since she indisputably transforms her world.

And is that their priorities from the moment you become a mother focus on the welfare of their children. Being a mom allows you to discover strengths and abilities that you did not know you had .

Motherhood does not end with time, on the contrary, it’s a feeling that is growing day by day and it gets stronger as the years go by.

M about maternity

It is convenient to know the most common myths about maternity , but above all the false beliefs that they imply. In this way, we will minimize the anxiety that can generate us exercising the role of mother.

1. The mother who naturally stops wants her son more than she does because she would cease

6 myths about motherhood

The feeling of love of a mother is not measured by the type of delivery. However, it is always better for the mother to be able to give birth by natural birth , since it avoids surgery and postpartum is less traumatic.

As well, there are women who live motherhood so they do not go through the biological process . We can mention when the couple relies on the process of adoption to have a child. Although she does not give birth, she lives all the changes in her thinking, and the feeling of love towards her children is infinite.

2. The best mother is the one who breastfeeds

There are good reasons why many mothers can not breastfeed, which does not mean they are bad mothers . You have to bear in mind that breast-feed It is very beneficial, since it prevents children from diseases and strengthens ties with the mother.

However, there are other methods that also allow strengthening that union. Breastfeeding is a personal decision that has nothing to do with love for your child .

3. When the baby cries, the mom knows the reason

6 myths about motherhood

When the mother is new, due to her inexperience, she is frightened and anguished by the first cries of her baby. Nevertheless, with the coexistence is discovering whether the crying is because of a need or a whim . But rarely, you can recognize what happens to the baby by the tone with which he cries.

4. Postpartum depression occurs because the mother does not want the baby

Many mothers suffer from depression postpartum , a condition that has nothing to do with wanting more or less the baby that has just been brought into the world .

Mothers love their babies deeply and may suffer from this type of depression because of hormonal changes. If you become depressed after delivery, you may still have a very important change to assimilate.

Postpartum depression includes neurochemical and hormonal changes that require the help of a professional , the support of the family and the couple.

5. Will you like your baby as soon as you see it?

6 myths about motherhood

Do you dream of a beautiful baby? When the baby comes to the world it comes with characteristics of a newborn that may surprise you, such as:

  • The swollen eyes.
  • The wrinkled skin.
  • Fat spots on the nose and cheeks.

It is the opposite of what you could imagine. Therefore, when you see it, it may not seem the most handsome. The mother and he baby need time to get to know each other . The truth is that babies get nicer as they grow.

6. Being a mother means being happy all the time

It is true that being a mother brings great joy and that children bring immense happiness, but it also implies worries, cries and sadness when something affects our children or our family .

All that happiness can be mitigated with the accumulated fatigue, insecurity, responsibilities that motherhood understands and the ups and downs of hormonal type.

Mothers who suffer are victims of themselves, of their inability to manage and overcome the challenges that motherhood brings. Suffering does not go hand in hand with love, and everything related to a child must be received and felt with love .


The truth is that fears and taboos regarding motherhood still prevail. The above information intends reduce some of these fears and encourage mothers to discover the strengths they have as a woman at the moment when motherhood knocks on your door, and so enjoy more of that beautiful stage.

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