6 high-end phones that do have a headphone jack (2018)

6 high-end phones that do have a headphone jack (2018)

The headphone jack disappeared in 2016 with the Motorola Moto Z. Apple followed in its footsteps, eliminating it in their iPhone 7 , moment from which the rest of Android manufacturers began to follow this trend. Eliminating the headphone jack allows, according to the manufacturers, to increase the amperage of the battery and make room for more components, although there are clear examples that the maximum technology, battery and headphone jack are still compatible .

Today, we have to talk about the most rebellious firms. Those that have refused to eliminate the headphone jack, although it seems that even these will end up adding to the movement not jack in not too long. Anyway, you can still enjoy some high-end phones with 3.5mm input , and this is the list of them.

The 6 of the jack 3.5mm

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

6 high-end phones that do have a headphone jack (2018)

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is the antithesis of the argument put forward by the rest of the OEM. A smartphone with 4000mAh, an S-Pen inside, double camera and the latest technology , all without giving up the headphone jack. Samsung has been one of the few traditional firms that has kept this entry, although we already have news that the Samsung Galaxy S10 would be the last terminal to incorporate the 3.5mm jack.

It will be 2018 the last year in which we will see a Samsung Galaxy Note with the possibility of connecting headphones for this input, which has survived for 9 generations.

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Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 +

6 high-end phones that do have a headphone jack (2018)

Like its big brother, the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung Galaxy S9 + are among the few high-end smartphones with headphone jack . They have the same processor as the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and in the case of the S9 + model, with the same camera. This will be the next-generation Galaxy S with headphone jack.

In 2019 everything points to a big change in the design, which added to the presence of the 3.5mm jack can lead to a generation of Samsung Galaxy S10 only.

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OnePlus 6

6 high-end phones that do have a headphone jack (2018)

The OnePlus 6 will be the last terminal of the Chinese firm to incorporate this technology . Peta Lau, CEO of the company, has already confirmed that it has been necessary to eliminate the headphone jack to increase the amperage of his OnePlus 6T . A before and after for the fans of OnePlus, since the 3.5mm jack was one of the main features of these terminals.

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LG G7 ThinQ

6 high-end phones that do have a headphone jack (2018)

The LG G7 ThinQ joins the list of high-end smartphones with headphone jack. A top terminal that, although it has not managed to become one of the most popular alternatives, keeps this connection so useful. At the moment, LG is committed to this entry accompanied by a DAC integrated into the device , offering on paper a sound far superior to that of its rivals.

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LG V40

6 high-end phones that do have a headphone jack (2018)

For its part, the LG V40 also bets on the 3.5mm input. The first mobile of LG with 5 cameras bets by the Quad DAC + jack , good news for the audio lovers and the detractors the headphones Bluetooth or USB Type C.

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