$ 52 billion investment fund founder: yes to Blockchain, no cryptography

The founder of Two-Sigma, a free investment fund giant, sees a future in BlockChain, but he is not a crypto money fan.

“I doubt that crypto money will have the value people expect,” said David Siegel, co-chairman of the company with assets of $ 52 billion under the management of Bloomberg Invest.

Siegel, along with the technology behind the digital money the blockcha Positive about the future of Turkey:

“I think Blockchain is really a great technology and it will really have real applications.”

These comments come from a tech that has one foot and a billion that comes from Wall Street. Two Sigma is a company known for its trading strategy based on algorithms and artificial intelligence. Unlike many other free investment funds, co-president Siegel owns a doctorate in computer science at MIT.

Siegel thinks it will be better defined as a crypto entity crypto money think that these investments are a symptom of a bigger problem: investors are hiding their money from running their money on innovative projects.

Siegel said in his remarks, “You see that there are already certain inflated prices,” he pointed to the real estate market and crypto currencies. Later, “People are looking for new ways to store value instead of looking for new ways to invest and create new things. In my opinion, there is not enough interest in storing the value and creating new value and expanding the cake. ”

Although it is difficult to separate crypto parallels from Blockchain, Siegel believes that blockchain has great potential and crypto money does not carry the same potential.

Siegel said, “The math behind Blockchain is pretty cool. I think this technology will be especially useful in developing countries, “he said.

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