5 things you should know before taking a collagen supplement

Collagen is a protein that not only helps us maintain our skin firm , but prevents hair loss, the osteoporosis and improve our joints. However, if you are thinking about taking a collagen supplement it is better to know a few things before.

What you should know before taking a collagen supplement

Will the collagen supplement be good for me? Will it benefit me or harm me? We’re going to see that below.

1. If you are young, you do not need it

5 things you should know before taking a collagen supplement

Take a collagen supplement before age 40 is totally unnecessary . your body You can throw away that extra collagen that you are ingesting, so you will lose money, while you will not gain anything.

From 20 to 40 years it is true that the collagen in our skin is shrinking. But this is something that happens very slowly. In addition, we have to see what habits can make that reduction increase. For example, smoking. For all this, before taking a collagen supplement, check if you really need it.

2. Exceptional cases to consume collagen

Some exceptional cases where a collagen supplement may be required are the following:

  • Pregnancy : The baby absorbs part of the mother’s collagen while it is forming.

  • Menopause : it is a period of a woman’s life that affects the production of collagen causing bone problems.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis : this disease can be a high intensity pain. A collagen supplement can alleviate these symptoms.

In all these cases, it is necessary to go to the doctor so that you consider taking that collagen supplement.

3. The reduced bioavailability

5 things you should know before taking a collagen supplement

The concept of bioavailability refers to the effective dose that has a collagen supplement to make its effect. That is, what fraction of collagen is in a supplement that can arrive without alterations to our bloodstream?

In many occasions, the answer is a very reduced possibility, even null. In addition, what reaches our blood are the amino acids that make up the collagen, but not this itself. Collagen is produced by our body .

If a collagen supplement suits us by medical prescription we have to see which is the best, how much bioavailability it has and its absorption technology. If this is null or very low, it is not worth taking that supplement.

4. You can get collagen naturally

Take a collagen supplement It can be a waste of money if you can get it naturally. What foods should we eat?

  • Eggs : between 3 and 4 a week.
  • Vitamin C : found in citrus fruits, parsley, kiwis …
  • Meat : whenever you opt for the rib or tail. The cut of meat that is used for the stews has more collagen.
  • Fish : the cod and the salmon consumed with skin are very rich in collagen.

Thus, A good diet, rich in protein, will be very important. Because no bad diet is solved by taking a supplement.

5. The collagen molecule and its size

5 things you should know before taking a collagen supplement

The collagen molecule is too big so that our digestive system can absorb it. For this reason, an advance has emerged: hydrolyzed collagen. The hydrolyzed collagen has subjected the collagen molecule to a hydrolysis process, that is, it has decomposed its molecules to improve its absorption.

However, although it is a breakthrough, the process of collagen absorption is still very limited . So we’ll have to wait for them to investigate more on this topic.

Always under medical supervision

Due to everything mentioned above, it is important to remember that the consumption of any supplement should always be supervised by our doctor.

Sometimes, if we suffer pain or if our doctor recommends this supplement for various conditions on the skin, cartilage or bones, it may be a good idea to resort to it. Sometimes also it is usually recommended to those people who perform some sport as professional athletes, to recover better after training and suffer less damage in their profession.

Due to the limited progress that still exists with respect to collagen supplements and their limited absorption, unless a doctor recommends it, It would not be a bad idea to opt for other methods.

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