5 reasons why the Poptel P9000 Max is one of the best resistant smartphones

5 reasons why the Poptel P9000 Max is one of the best resistant smartphones

Poptel is a British company with a long history in the world of technology, however recently the firm has experienced a needed and important “face wash” that has rejuvenated . This has made Poptel catch up in the smartphone industry with really interesting proposals, such as the P9000 Max.

With this phone, the manufacturer has wanted to rise from the ashes with a good, beautiful and cheap proposal , and this is why we are going to tell you the five reasons why you should get the, which is currently with a discount of 20%. In this way its price is reduced to only 172 euros in GearBest.

The security offered by a company like Poptel

The firm has been established in our continent for more than 10 years, and It has expanded globally to reach countries in Asia, America and even Africa . This provides a guarantee hardly comparable by other rivals, and now more than ever with the Poptel P9000 Max, a terminal designed to satisfy a market sector that is not too crowded , that of “bombproof” smartphones.

A battery that promises hours and hours of use

Many rugged phones offer a battery plump , but few provide a figure approaching 9,000 mAh, which is the amount that the P9000 Max boasts . The enormous battery, coupled with the high efficiency of the latest generation processor MediaTek MT6750V are two essential factors for all that user who cares especially the duration of a phone.

Resistance in all environments

5 reasons why the Poptel P9000 Max is one of the best resistant smartphones

As we mentioned earlier, the Poptel P9000 Max is built almost “bombproof”. Its IP68 certification makes it perfect for anyone living in difficult environments or, simply, it is something awkward. In short, this certification against water, dust and blows is one more insurance that will allow us to be unconcerned in case of falls or minor accidents.

Its low price is not synonymous with limitations

Although we may associate its low price with lack of functionalities, this could not be further from reality. And, for what it costs, the Poptel P9000 Max is a pretty complete mobile. Not only does it have NFC, which means it can be used for Android Pay payments and other services, but it also has OTG . In this way, it is possible to use it as a power bank or external battery for other devices.

Ideal for camping and adventures

As mentioned, the Poptel P9000 Max is perfect for adventurers, but this is not only because of its durability and resistance, but also because It also has other features that make it a “multipurpose” tool . For example, the terminal has a powerful four-LED flashlight that, at a given moment, is very useful to illuminate the tent if we do not want to turn on anything else.

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