5 apps for Android that could save your life

5 apps for Android that could save your life

Sometimes we forget the enormous potential that can have the small device that we keep in our pocket and what we refer to as smartphone. Among the thousands of uses that we could give to a modern phone, probably the last one we would like to try is the one of save our lives in case of emergency .

However, carrying the smartphone on top can mean carrying a life jacket in critical situations. Above all, if you have the ideal applications for this purpose. In this article, we collect the best applications for Android that can save lives in case of emergency or accident.

Apps for Android that can save your life in case of emergency

Trusted contacts

5 apps for Android that could save your life

Google itself offers, for some time, an application with which be able to alert family or close friends in case of emergency . It is a free tool, consisting of a contact agenda, in which we can add only those that are really close.

Among its functions, we find the possibility of adding relatives or close friends, who can request our location and, in case of not receiving a response in the period of time determined by us, they will receive our last location even though our smartphone has run out of battery or has no Internet connection. On the other hand, in case of rejecting the application, they will know that everything is going well. This app also integrates with the

Google Play | Trusted contacts


5 apps for Android that could save your life

Some public bodies such as the Ministry of the Interior also offer, in Spain, security tools for users of Android smartphones. AlertCops is a security “suite” , from which to be able Quickly contact the State Security Forces and Corps , either through phone call or from the chat built into the application.

The application also allows send alerts with images or videos to the nearest police center , or receive security notices directly on the mobile.

Google Play | AlertCops

Medical ID

5 apps for Android that could save your life

Although Android, natively, includes the possibility of adding our medical information in case of emergency, Medical ID is a much more complete application for this purpose. Once downloaded, it allows us to create our own medical profile, including allergies, the blood group, the usual medication or the contact to be able to notify in case of emergency.

In addition, for those cases where it is necessary, these data will be accessible from the terminal lock screen , which allows that in case of emergency the data are visible despite having a secure screen lock method.

Google Play | Medical ID


Formerly known as Alpify, Safe365 is an application that lets you know the location of our closest relatives and friends under your consent . In case of emergency, the application allows notifying the emergency services indicating the exact location through the GPS of the terminal.

Among other tools, we also find the possibility of see the battery percentage of the contacts configured as “protected”, the type of Internet connection , if any, or the state of these – standing or moving – and the distance traveled.

Google Play | Safe365

First Aid Manual – OFFLINE

5 apps for Android that could save your life

While most of the above apps are intended to alert you to emergencies or critical situations that occur away from your family or friends, The Manual First Aid app can be useful both to save the life of another person, and for another to save our own .

In the app we will find detailed explanations and illustrations about emergencies like suffocation, CPR, hemorrhage, poisoning, heat stroke and dehydration, bites and much more , each with the steps to follow to help the victim until the arrival of health care.

It is necessary to comment, in addition, that the application receives frequent updates from its creators , with the aim of adding explanations and guides to new dangers that could occur.

Google Play | First AIDS manual


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