4 Alternatives to the official Telegram app


Telegram is a Russian messaging client that has become, on its own merits, the main rival of WhatsApp. So much so, that many claim that if it had been released to the market before the app purchased later by Facebook, it could possibly have become the main app on the market. Telegram bases its success on the number of functions and extras available to it, but even so, there are some alternatives to the official application that add some extra options that may be of interest to some users.

We have taken a tour of Google Play and we have brought you these 4 Telegram customers, all of them with a good reputation and their own characteristics. We start

Telegram X

Telegram X was born as Challegram and is the work of Vyacheslav Krylov, a developer who won 9000 euros for creating this application based on the library TDLib .

4 Alternatives to the official Telegram app

The main distinctive sign of Telegram x is the operating fluidity , in addition to its transitions and animations.

Some of its differentiating features go through an extra button to send photos and an alternative view for the conversation list that includes two tabs , one dedicated to written conversations and another for calls (which can be exchanged with a sliding gesture) or an automatic night mode using the light sensor of our smartphone.

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Another option to the official Telegram customer is Telepal , which includes a multitude of text emoticons, stickers and GIFs, and can even join specific channels to update our stickers. We also have a chat for TV channels and several Bots of different themes.

4 Alternatives to the official Telegram app

One of the most curious features of Telepal is its manager of bookmarks and files, that allows us to add information, videos and images to our chats.


Multigram is a Telegram customer specially designed for those who want to manage several accounts without having to install several applications.

With Multigram we can use up 100 accounts different in a single application, something that can come great to order our contacts according to certain areas, facilitating the management of our chats.


The last alternative that we propose is Tele Pro, a messaging client that offers a preview mode of any chat that until now was only available on iOS.

4 Alternatives to the official Telegram app

Although the above is interesting, its main characteristic consists of a contact tracker that informs us of all the changes that our contacts make, notifying us of changes in the profile picture, its number or the text of it, ideal to follow closely to someone that interests us. We can also schedule messages to be sent at the time we want.

We hope that some of these apps have been to your liking. Do not hesitate to leave us your impressions in the comments or in our forum .

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