4 activities that will help you discover how wonderful it is to live

Submerged in routine, experimenting every day in autopilot , we forget to discover how wonderful it is to live. So, when the weekend comes, we notice a void and a bittersweet feeling that causes us great sadness.

As we grow, it seems that we we are disconnecting little by little from everything that we both enjoyed so much . What once surprised us, like a rainbow, is now something we do not care about.

Maybe this happens because the fact of surprising us at a certain age causes other people to dedicate us phrases like “I do not know what you’re surprised if you’ve seen them a thousand times” or “You look like a little boy, it’s just a rainbow.”

Phrases that we allow them to wear us out and we abandon attitudes , and sometimes activities, that make us feel alive. Therefore, today we are going to leave all this aside and discover how wonderful it is to live again.

1. Fill your life with colors

4 activities that will help you discover how wonderful it is to live

Yes, we tell you literally. Do you remember when was the last time you drew or colored something? Fortunately, it has now become fashionable to color mandalas. However, we can not only find this type of drawings.

If you go to your nearest stationery store, it is very likely that you will find coloring books for adults. This is no longer just a hobby that the little ones do. Something completely understandable.

Coloring, drawing, painting … It has enormous benefits, for example, it helps us reduce stress. In addition, this activity transmits joy and peace.

It connects us with our little “I” from the past that was able to discover how wonderful it is to live . Now it only remains to take time to resume it. Will you be able to do it?

2. Reconnect with nature

Many people usually enjoy what they have closer. For example, going to the movies, having dinner with friends, walking in the park … However, When was the last time you connected with nature? With the truth?

To connect with nature there are many activities that you can perform and we will explain below. Above all, if you live in the city, these will allow you to discover how wonderful it is to live again.

Let’s see what they can be:

  • Make a route or excursion on horseback through a totally natural area.
  • Enjoy a canoe route through rivers full of vegetation.
  • Go to a rural house, where you can also do trekking for the mountain.
  • Help plant trees

There are many options to carry out this type of activities that take us away from the busy life of the city and allow us to connect with tranquility, silence and nature.

What activities related to nature do you like to do?

3. Practice mindfulness

4 activities that will help you discover how wonderful it is to live

Due to the above, our way of life not only disconnects us with life itself, but also with ourselves.

To discover how wonderful it is to live, we have to give us the pleasure of finding ourselves . For this is the mindfulness

There are different ways to practice mindfulness We can take advantage of being in nature to feel the air on our skin, to walk while we notice how our feet rest on the ground or to stop and focus on the present moment.

The feeling is spectacular.

  • He mindfulness not only does it help us connect with us and what surrounds us, but it opens our senses .
  • This allows us to appreciate everything in a different way and value it when before we might not pay attention to it.

To practice mindfulness You can change your life regularly.

4. Help anyone who needs it

We are not referring only to giving money, but to do something else, that involves moving.

For example, if there is an animal shelter in our city we can go and lend a hand to clean, be with them … If there is a soup kitchen, offer us to help distribute food to the needy.

These are actions that will reveal to us how wonderful it is to live, because generosity and helping others makes us feel useful.

Further, when we help in a disinterested way a pleasant sensation travels through our body . You can learn a lot from these actions and meet wonderful people.

To discover how wonderful it is to live it is necessary that we leave our comfort zone and that we do what we do not usually do.

There are people who usually live in this way, for what makes them feel and because they know that life is wonderful. Do you also want to discover how beautiful life is?

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