3 spectacular novelties that we will see in the smartphones of the future

3 spectacular novelties that we will see in the smartphones of the future

The smartphones of the future will be very different from what we are used to today . Or at least that is the goal of the main manufacturing companies, which for years have been working to evolve the telephony sector as we know it today, through new technologies that are increasingly complex, but at the same time aimed at simplifying the life of the users.

But, How will smartphones really be in a few years? While it is difficult to answer this question, thanks to the thousands of patents, technologies and systems that manufacturers and companies have developed over the last five years, we can get an idea about What can we expect from here for the next five years?

The smartphones of the future: 3 characteristics that could be the norm in just a few years

Folding screens

3 spectacular novelties that we will see in the smartphones of the future

We’ve been speculating for years the arrival of the first folding smartphones . While some firms have already done the odd experiment — with this type of terminal, everything indicates that the end of 2018 and 2019 will be key years for the future of this type of device.

Various brands like Samsung, LG or Huawei have repeatedly demonstrated their intention to launch terminals with this peculiarity , indicating that the first could reach the end of this year.

Many still wonder what they will really contribute this type of smartphones capable of transforming into tablets, and. However, today It is clearer than ever that the future of smartphones goes through completely flexible bodies that offer the user greater convenience when using your phone in different ways.

Batteries that charge ‘as if by magic’

3 spectacular novelties that we will see in the smartphones of the future

When wireless charging is not even established, there are firms that already experiment with new technologies that allow the battery of the terminals to be charged wirelessly, and without the need for them to rest on a base . Companies likeThey have shown how, through laser, it is possible to carry out charges “at a distance”, thanks to emitters placed in different points of the room.

Logically, This type of technology will not be as fast as the fast charging or wireless charging solutions that flood the market today , but it is certainly a much more convenient method of charging the phone. In terms of availability, the majority of companies behind technologies such as Wi-Charge set medium-term objectives, and point to 2019 or 2020 as the years in which we will see these types of systems come true.

Glasses so you do not have to look at your mobile screen

3 spectacular novelties that we will see in the smartphones of the future

Google Glass was a failed experiment, there’s no doubt about that. But at least the foundations were laid for what can be achieved with a device that puts an interface right in front of our eyes . Therefore, both Google and Apple, and many other technologies are still working on the development of augmented reality glasses, whose experience gets as close as possible to the use of a smartphone in the future.

In fact, today there are alreadyThey sell glasses of this type, and they do not even require an associated smartphone. While it is not a device that goes unnoticed, and probably few will be willing to wear it for hours, with the passage of time we are likely to see new devices of this type increasingly discrete . A good example are, which will start selling this year.

If we stick to the existing technologies or those that are in development, and to the industry trend, it is very likely that the three features mentioned in this article are the protagonists in the telephone sector during the next five years . However, you never know what the future of a field as changing as this may hold, and it could be that eventually none of these characteristics materialize -something unlikely-. Be that as it may, in the end the beauty of being a technology enthusiast is seeing how everything changes and evolves, and staying in the front row to see what the industry giants surprise us with.


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